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January 30, 2006
January 30 2006


Kaenda Jona Mukurumui (76)

A senior citizen who is the Headman of Kaenda Village, some 50 kilometers southwest of Katima Mulilo, told human rights defenders (HRDs) that he “survived numerous coercive attempts to force” him to testify in the marathon Caprivi high treason case. Headman Kaenda Jona Mukurumui (76) (see picture insert) recently told HRDs that a member of the Namibian Police one Evans Simasiku had told him “to prepare yourself to be picked up to go to Windhoek and testify”.

According to Headman Mukurumui the Policeman then arrived at his (Headman Mukurumui) homestead at around 03h00 on a Sunday, November 27 2005, and picked him up. On their way to Windhoek they stopped at Kongola village where they also picked up certain Bernard Kanzeka (a petrol jockey) and they became three in total.

On a Monday, November 28 2005, Simasiku allegedly took Headman Mukurumui to the offices of the prosecution team in the said trial where a pre-prepared statement was handed over to him for signature. However, the septuagenarian “categorically refused” to sign the self-incriminating document. According to Headman Mukurumui, the said statement allegedly inter alia read: “Mr. Mishake Muyongo gave me instructions to mobilize children to go to Dukwe”. The statement allegedly also claim that the following people were present when Muyongo supposedly so instructed Headman Mukurumui:

Ozango Libuo, Lauzi Mekalabi, Stephen Mashando, Boyd mambo, Muchisani Tiyeho, Inambao Lionga, Saiti Mulonda, John Lubilo, a certain Kabuyanwa, Kingsley Mwiya, John Kabotana, Ndumo Mungulike, Chikono Twalimbwa, Mpinde Twalimbwa, Kasale Twalimbwa and Joseph Mufuhi.

As Simasiku picked up Headman Mukurumui in the early hours a daughter and other family members became worried and engaged a lawyer in order to help find the whereabouts of their father. Upon enquiry, the lawyer was allegedly told that Headman Mukurumui would not longer testify on November 29 2005. He was later released and was given N$200 to travel back to Katima Mulilo.

Headman Mukurumui also informed HRDs that since 1999 Simasiku and other members of the Namibian police (NamPol) subjected him to intimidations and other threats during interrogations. At some stages he was told, “we will torture if you if you continue denying your involvement in the alleged plot to secede” the Caprivi Region. On other occasions he was left without water and or food for the whole day. Among the interrogators Headman recalls a certain Nchindo (said be fat and short male).

A Warrant Officer Evans Simasiku features prominently on Namibia’s National Society for Human Rights (NSHR)’s list of the alleged most wanton torturers of the 131 Caprivi secessionist suspects held in connection with the alleged plot to secede Namibia’s Caprivi Region.

In a Press Release on September 23 2003 NSHR also reported that many other members of NamPol’s Criminal Investigations Department (CID) subjected several villagers to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment in an attempt to force them to give false testimony in the long-running treason trial. Those who had been forced to testify included Ms. Theresia Namebo TOYANO (50) of Liselo village, Mr. Mose Mushe MATEMWA (72), a blind man, of Masokotwane village and Mr. Stanley Wamunyima CHAKA (31) as well as Mr. Jomo MATEMWA also of Masokotwane village.

In a Press Release on January 4 2006 NSHR reported that there was “compelling evidence that torture and other ill treatment have been extensively used against both suspects and certain witnesses” in the Caprivi secessionist debacle.

In case of further enquiries please call Dorkas Phillemon or Phil ya Nangoloh at Tel: +264 61 253 447 or +264 61 236 183 (office hours) or Cells: +264 811 499 988 (Dorkas) or +264 811 299


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