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December 29, 2005


The New Year is to start possibly tomorrow or the day after and when we look back as Caprivians to the year gone-by, what do we say to ourselves?

Did we try hard to fulfill what we said and planned to do during last year 2005? We still have our colleagues in prisons in foreign lands, Namibia and Botswana. In Namibia the circus trial show has been going on in the prison grounds, where a special court space was found and turned into a court house. Our colleagues are not being tried in so called normal courts in Namibia if at all there are normal court buildings but also the prosecutor is the judge and the defense lawyer at the same time.

In Botswana our colleagues are in a so called detention center despite having been cleared by the highest court in Botswana that at same time asked that they be released.
In the Caprivi the social and economic wellbeing of the people has deteriorated to such extent that the United Nations has described it as the most under developed place under the sun. The small infrastructure left behind by then racist regime of South Africa has been totally destroyed by the dictatorial, corrupt and money laundering regime of Namibia. The natural resources of the Caprivi are being plundered and Sam Nujoma is the regime’s top poacher in the Caprivi National game parks. The occupation forces are there mainly to poach elephants and the rhinos and kill other animals to eat, and to terrorize the Caprivian Bushmen.

Countrymen and women I mentioned just a few aspects of life to give an example o the plunder that is taking place in our country while we Caprivians choose to be spectators or willing assistants. I want us to move away from the notion that “They will liberate us”. Who are these people and where do they come from? They are you and me and us and you. All I am saying is that every Caprivian tall and short, small and big and young and old it is your struggle for freedom and independence. Put down those shackles of slavery and domination.

Caprivians you are great people do not make yourselves small in the eyes of the world. The world is willing to help you but you must learn to help yourselves first. Every Caprivian must say to him/herself what is my contribution to the struggle for the liberation of the Caprivi? Turn the Caprivi into the most fertile land due to your sweat, leave no method untested or untried in your guest for freedom.
Our freedom train has no passengers but drivers, when one person falls sick the next person should be able to drive the train until it reaches its destination the CAPRIVI ZIPFEL.

To my colleagues in prison, I say to you do not allow despair to come between you and hope for the future. The world outside has just began to understand your plight and suffering and the long period you have now spent in prisons in Namibia without proper trial. Let the brute force and dictatorial regime of Namibia know that there is no amount of killing, torture or hiding the identity of the so-called witnesses that will break the resolve of the people of the Caprivi, to be free and take care of their own destiny. We are all Caprivians and we know each other and know the so-called witnesses.

To my colleagues in exile and in refugee camps around the world, I say to you that you are the ambassadors of the people of that occupied country the Caprivi; you should represent them in every aspect of life. Let the people outside see you as the complete embodiment of the Caprivians and the Caprivi Zipfel they have not seen. Caprivians are known for being hard working, good soldiers of what ever situation, trustworthy and intelligent.

Allow me countrymen and women to say to you there are many obstacles on the way to freedom, peace, justice and democracy for our country the Caprivi, together shall overcome them.

I wish every Caprivian wherever he/she may be, supporters or not a very eventful year 2006.




Mishake Muyongo


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