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Jackson juror questions revealed
February 10, 2005

Jackson juror questions revealed
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson's trial could last up to six months
Some potential jurors in the Michael Jackson child abuse trial have links to the singer's Neverland Ranch, according to papers released by the court.

Answers to jury questionnaires also reveal that about one in seven of those remaining in the jury pool have friends or family who know Mr Jackson.

The seven-page questionnaires, which were completed last week, are aimed at ensuring the star gets a fair hearing.

Mr Jackson, 46, has denied 10 counts of child molestation and conspiracy.

'Personal friend'

The questionnaires, which were filled out by 242 potential jurors, showed that some have children who have visited Mr Jackson's Neverland ranch.

One potential juror, a 47-year-old woman said one of her sons worked at Neverland ranch, while her 15-year-old son had visited to "ride and hang out".

Another said her disabled daughter was allowed to go to Neverland with her school, but that Mr Jackson was "not present" at the time.

One 70-year-old potential juror wrote simply: "His uncle is a personal friend."

Trial delay

Another potential juror said he was friends with of a cousin of Mr Jackson, and one man said he worked with a firefighter employed part-time at Neverland.

The questionnaires covered a range of topics from personal experiences as a victim of sex abuse to racial bias that might affect their ability to function as a juror.

Almost nine in 10 potential jurors said they had read or watched a lot or a little news about the case.

Jury selection is expected to resume next week after a week-long break.

The trial has been delayed until 14 February following a death in the family of Mr Jackson's lead defence lawyer.


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