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Caprivi prepares for floods
January 4, 2005

THE Caprivi Region is once again preparing for floods as the level of the Zambezi River continues to rise.

The Regional Governor, Bernard Sibalatani, says the level of the Zambezi is rising rapidly and there is no sense in waiting until flooding occurs before moving people to higher ground.

"We are preparing ourselves. It should not come as a surprise, because we have enough time to put things in order," he told The Namibian yesterday.

He said the Namibia Red Cross Society had issued a warning that the river was rising and the Caprivi Regional Council, together with the traditional authorities, was preparing to move people to higher ground.

"We are verifying with the traditional leaders whether the land that was available last year can again be used for temporary resettlement of the people before we tell them to move," said Sibalatani.

Last year, large parts of eastern Caprivi were submerged in the worst floods since 1958, affecting a reported 50 000 people.

Rescue workers had to evacuate people from villages such as Muzii, Mpukano and Nsundwa.


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