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Parties plan a return to court, cite 'damning poll evidence'
December 21, 2004

OPPOSITION political parties that were locked in a court battle with the Electoral Commission of Namibia last week to gain access to documents on last month's National Assembly and Presidential elections plan to file a second court case on the polls tomorrow.

Representatives of the Congress of Democrats and Republican Party claimed yesterday that they have found proof of an array of election irregularities in documentation that they have been scrutinising since Thursday evening and through the weekend.

The parties won access to ECN documents on the elections through a High Court ruling on Thursday.

It was indicated yesterday that the parties would meet with their lawyers again today to draw up another application to the High Court, which is to be filed by tomorrow.

"We found incredibly damning evidence," RP official Carola Engelbrecht told The Namibian yesterday.

"The proof is overwhelming. The chaos is unbelievable."

CoD Secretary General Kala Gertze also reported that "major differences" were discovered between voting figures sent through from various constituencies to the ECN in Windhoek and the figures as they were officially reported by the ECN.

Engelbrecht related that the documents to which the two parties were granted access were in a serious state of disarray, and on the whole demonstrated that the elections were marred by irregularities to such an extent that it had to be regarded as unacceptable.

They would be returning to court with a case not based on emotional, political points, but on facts that have come out of the ECN's own boxes of election material, she said.

According to Gertze, the parties found that various unsigned or unmarked reports on voting figures were sent through to Windhoek from constituencies.

They also discovered indications that one polling station at a primary school in northern Namibia curiously also appears to have been counted as a polling station for a number of other constituencies, too, Gertze said.

Engelbrecht's summation was:"The figures don't tally."


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