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Campsites in Caprivi and at Mile 14 shut
December 21, 2004

NAMIBIA Wildlife Resorts (NWR) has announced that the Khaudum and Sikereti camping sites in the Caprivi Region have been closed with immediate effect.

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism decided to close the sites because of the poor condition of the camping areas and huts.

NWR announced earlier that camping would no longer be allowed at the popular Mile 14 site on the coast.

As a result of damage caused by higher sea levels, the camping sites are no longer safe to use.

Mile 14 is now open for day visitors only.

Holidaymakers who have already booked and paid for camping sites at Mile 14 are advised to relocate to Jakkalsputz, Mile 72 or Mile 108.

Visitors who insist on camping at Mile 14 may do so, but at their own risk.

NWR will "under no circumstances" accept responsibility for damage, injury or loss of equipment and life.

The company also advises that sections of the road to the Terrace Bay Resort (especially around Toscanini) are in a poor condition and travellers should be extra vigilant and drive carefully.

The Roads Authority and Roads Contractor Company have been contacted in this regard and will send out a maintenance and repair team.


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