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Caprivi party calls on its supporters to shun polls
November 4, 2004

A NEW political party from the Caprivi, which was barred from taking part in the upcoming elections, has called on supporters to stay away from the polling stations.

The leader of the National Democratic Party (NDP) of Namibia, Martin Lukato, also revealed that they intend to lodge a High Court application to fight their barring from the presidential, national assembly and regional council elections this month.

Lukato claims that up to 7 000 people will be denied their constitutional right in the polls because of the party's non-participation.

He said the Electoral Commission of Namibia, whom he referred to as the Swapo Electoral Commission of Namibia, conducted its affairs undemocratically.

According to the NDP, the elections will not be free and fair, the Electoral Commission is not independent and the multi-party democracy only exists on paper.

Without citing examples, Lukato claimed there was a dictatorship in Namibia that promoted rights abuses, tribalism, discrimination, favouritism, nepotism, corruption and divide-and-rule tactics.

"We therefore appeal to our supporters and members, wherever they are, to continue with resistance and to boycott the elections and stay away," a very bitter Lukato said.

The party, formed in February, was also barred from the May local authority elections because it was first known as the Caprivi National Democratic Party.

The ECN charged that the name promoted tribalism.

The party responded that there was no law barring it from including "Caprivi" in its name, but later removed the word.

Namibians will vote for a new President and National Assembly on November 15 and 16.

Regional Council elections are scheduled for November 29 and 30.


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