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October 5, 2004
By Staff Reporter

Construction of a new state-of-the-art multi-billion dollar development, which will include new Arts and Crafts Centre and the extension and up-grading of the Ngweze market in the town centre, is to begin early next year.
The N$20-million project, which will be implemented by the Katima Mulilo Town Council with funding and technical assistance from international donors, is set to become a landmark in the town centre and help boost the town’s tourism potential.

According to Lux Development technical assistance team leader, Erich Feierabend, the implementation of the project will evolve around the concept of similar open markets, which have already been set up in other parts of Namibia.

Lux Development, an implementing agency of the Luxemborg Cooperation, will act as technical advisors to the project, while the Town Council will oversee construction work.
Construction of the new facility begins in May next year and runs for three years, after which the development will be handed over to the council.

In terms of the project, a joint venture between Government and some internal donors, the Ngweze market will be extended and upgraded to incorporate the installation of facilities for food preparation, the storage of perishable goods in the market, and ablution facilities – resulting in a more hygienic and pleasant environment for both traders and their customers than exists at the current open air market.Included in the multi-billion dollar project is an Arts and Crafts centre, are a traditional village, an African restaurant, a workshop for crafters, an amphitheatre and curio shops, are also included in the three-year project, while affordable shops targeted at Small Scale Medium Enterprises (SMEs), will be built around the Arts and Crafts Centre. Parking bays for customers and a taxi rank will also be built on the fringes of the development.

Vendors and crafters operating from the market and the arts centre will be trained in business management, including ways to prepare and display their goods, as well as the correct way to store them, Feierabend said.“The training will be done under the total value of the construction and experts will be brought in to train the marketers,” he said, adding that feasibility studies were conducted out in 2000 and the agreement for the project was signed in 2003.
“The construction of the market will be done in phases and current sellers, who will be able to continue trading while during the building phase, will be allocated space in another part of the market while construction is underway,” he said.

Source: Caprivi vision

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