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Caprivi party cries foul
October 4, 2004

A NEW political party from the Caprivi, which was barred from taking part in the May local elections, claims that up to 7 000 people were denied their constitutional right in that poll because of the party's non-participation.

Martin Lukato, leader of the Caprivi National Democratic Party, said the Electoral Commission of Namibia acted unconstitutionally in excluding them.

The ECN declined to register the party because of the inclusion of "Caprivi" in the name.

It argued that Namibia was a unitary state and that the use of "Caprivi" in the party's name was divisive.

The party responded that there were no law barring it from including "Caprivi".

The party has re-applied to be registered with the ECN and hopes to challenge other political parties in the November elections.

In a letter to the ECN, also copied to President Sam Nujoma and Prime Minister Theo-Ben Gurirab, Lukato says his party meets all requirements to register and now needed confirmation to forward the names of its candidates for the November polls.

The party was formed in February and operates from Katima Mulilo.


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