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April 14, 2021

It is a country that has been illegally occupied and annexed by the bribery and corrupt regime of Namibia for 30 years. The Caprivi Strip is now a graveyard for human beings, flora and fauna.

The Namibian regime is engaged in total destruction and plundering of the natural resources and human beings of the Caprivi Strip.

We have hundreds of Caprivians in the dungeon Prisons of Namibia. Many have died whilst in the prison and remaining others are patients due to inhuman conditions and poisoning.
It will soon be two years since some Caprivians who had fled into Botswana and given refuge status were unceremoniously deported back to the Caprivi Strip at gunpoint by Botswana, and six (6) who remained are still in Francistown prison, Botswana. It is reported that Botswana had secretly agreed to deport them to Namibia, where they stand to be murdered in between Botswana and Namibia, and both countries will deny having seen, detained, and deported them. The six (6) Caprivians are detained at the Francistown detention Center in Botswana. We fear for their lives.

Botswana had been a heaven for political refugees who were fleeing persecution and inhuman treatment from rogue and murderous regimes the likes of Namibia and others in the region. We strongly believe now that Botswana has joined the club of these countries who are democratic by word of mouth and for getting international aid and recognition.
Botswana since the passing away of the founding father President Sir Seretse Khama had been in steady hands of those who had worked with him. It remained a country that respected its laws and regulations and strong leadership free from bribery and corruption. The recent past few years it has drifted into kamikaze and Ninja type of leadership showmanship and amateur and hatred towards the people of the Caprivi Strip and the country.

There was the illegal so-called border agreement with new black Kaiser in Namibia. There was a declaration that Situngu is part of Botswana. Then came the revocation of the Refugee status of the Caprivians political refugees who had fled into Botswana and were given refuge status and recognized by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Caprivian Refugees who are soon to be two years back in the Caprivi Strip were barbarically at gunpoint deported to the, Caprivi Strip where they faced to be arrested, tortured and murdered by the Namibian’s Gestapo Police. Some of those deportees have since disappeared and nobody knows their whereabouts.

There are undertones to undermine the Caprivi Strip struggle for freedom and independence from the bribery and corrupt black german Kaiser to be the stumbling block in the Caprivi Strip’s progress to freedom.

Lately Botswana has become trigger happy by murdering Caprivian fishermen whose livelihood is to fish in our rivers the Zambezi and Linyandi. They were murdered by the Botswana so-called defense force with the understanding of the Namibia’s illegal occupation force. The illegal occupation force celebrated the murdering of the Caprivian fishermen. We shall never forget.
Namibia is illegally occupying the Caprivi Strip, like any illegal occupation and annexation it will come to an end sooner than later and Botswana and the Caprivi Strip will always be neighbors. You can choose a friend as the case is now but you cannot choose a neighbor. We shall take no country’s land not a millimeter. We shall not allow any country to change the borders of the Caprivi Strip.

Let Botswana and Namibia understand that Caprivi Strip has international boundaries with all its neighboring territories.
We helped Botswana in the past to have the present landmass. We deserve better treatment and appreciation. Good and permanent neighbors help and talk to each other to solve disputes not to shoot and kill. People of the Caprivi Strip expect Botswana to help them since they are now in modern times illegally occupied and annexed by bribery and corrupt regime of Namibia, Botswana has struck friendship with.
Namibia has impoverished the Caprivi Strip and is collecting the natural resources stork and barrel of timber, gold, ivory and many other natural resources. Now they are beginning to destroy the Kavango Delta granting license to drill for oil. Botswana is not that pressed for cash, but has been tricked into the project by the Namibia’s german black Kaisers who have swindled their country to bankruptcy. The oil will destroy the flora and fauna and the people will be totally ruined. We hope that the bad effect oil drilling in the Niger Delta, Nigeria can serve to illustrate the danger into oil drilling in the Kavango Delta to people, flora, and fauna. Its not late for Botswana to stop the project if they have feeling for people and natural inhabitants that live and depend on the Kavango Delta for livelihood. Botswana has been strong and supportive of nature conservancy. There’s a saying that “Tell me your friend and I will be able to tell /know who you are”.

Since the so-called independence of Namibia the bribery and the corrupt leadership of that country have always wanted to create a situation that made Botswana to dislike and hate Caprivians and help them. They have successfully done it and now Botswana has blood of the Caprivians on their hands. Once again, we ask the Botswana leadership to think again about the so-called friendship with Namibia oppressive bribery and corrupt regime.

In the past history Caprivians helped Botswana to defeat the invaders without betrayal and treacherous behaviors. In today times the Caprivians are betrayed and sacrificed at the alter of friendship with the cunning, slay, swindler, and untrustworthy friend, the Namibian black Hitlers.

The Caprivi Strip is inhabited by human beings who love peace and have lived peacefully with their neighbors including Botswana and since time immemorial alongside the flora and fauna in the Caprivi Strip. We have had many different colonial regimes that came and went and all knew and respected the borders of the Caprivi Strip with its neighboring territories.
We shall Never forget the betrayal and treacherous behaviors. To Botswana we say the poachers are the so-called Namibia defense force holidaying and pleasuring in the Caprivi Strip.
Finally, we appeal to Britain and Germany to help he people of the Caprivi Strip as we struggle for freedom and independence and to correct the serious human error made by playing the Caprivi Strip as a rugby human inhabited Ball.
The Germans should come clean that at no time was the Caprivi Strip part of the Germany South West Africa Protectorate. The British should acknowledge that the Caprivi Strip is still a British Protectorate and should with immediate effect move to freedom and independence.

To South Africa we ask them to revisit the time when they handed over Walvis Bay to Namibia, that they were also to hand over the Caprivi Strip to Caprivians. South Africa should have fulfilled the opinion of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) of 1966 (read page 36 & 37).

To fight for freedom and independence is a basic human right and freedom.

For Caprivi Strip I live and die.
Forward ever Backward never.

Mishake Muyongo
President (UDP).

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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