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2nd August 2018
August 2, 2018
2nd August 2018


We shall always remember 2nd August as a dedicatory day to the heroes and Heroines in the history of the Caprivi Strip. Like other struggles for independence, though peacefully launched shall have days that should be remembered.

The main aim that prompted Caprivians to take arms to fight for their land is based on the understanding that Caprivi is occupied illegally by Namibia. It is true that Caprivi never formed part of South West Africa/Namibia in the history of former colonizers of Namibia; so it is up to day.

It is for the fact that Caprivians took arms with the single aim to root out the aliens whose minds and objectives is to divide us and become masters of our lives.

The year 2018 is the year of shaking and sifting the Caprivian people both at home and exile; it is proper in any circumstances where freedom is thought that little storms will blow from any direction but the founded UDP and Caprivian people shall always remain unshaken both in hot, cold, windy and stormy environments.

I would like to reassure Dukwe Comrades in Botswana that fighting for independence cannot and shall never be separated with prison experience; the history for heroes and heroines confirms my statement.

Many times I wonder and become ashamed of Swapo Government that thinks that Caprivians should be slaves throughout their lives and forget about their history.

Sam Nujoma is still alive, I am still alive too, there must be no fear for Swapo Government to correct the mess and dishonesty they did; rather than arrogantly ignoring the agreement we made in relation to CANU for Caprivi and Swapo for Namibia on the 5th of November 1964.

Caprivians are human beings like any other with flesh and blood; they should not be subjected to eternal humiliation, marginalization and subjugation.

Caprivians live under state of emergence since ever; the Government has dished out money and planted spies all over the Caprivi in order to instill fear to the public.

The recent spurious arrest of the for Caprivi Concerned Group (CCG) is a classically an example of what Swapo Government is up to in the Caprivi Zipfel.

People are no longer allowed to stand in groups of three and also to chat, they will be considerd contravening the security laws of Namibia; only under state of emergence such restrictions are found.

I am concerned to see Caprivians divided by foreigners whose intentions is cunningly to plunder the Caprivi resources and phase out the Caprivi history by imposing themselves to rule by force with the mind that Caprivians cannot do anything.

It is quite disturbing to know that in the Caprivi there are educated people, strong and intelligent civilized individuals but subject themselves to be slaves of aliens in their own soil, to be ruled by foreigners and silenced forever.

It is shameful that they can be deceived day light by their masters to come to Dukwe in Botswana with the intention to overturn the struggle for independence of the Caprivi; these individuals you hardly hear them questioning whatever the mess Swapo does in the Caprivi, they donít talk about the forced name change for Caprivi to Zambezi, they donít talk about stealing of the natural resources like timber and precious stones harvested from the Caprivi, they donít talk about the injustice Swapo is doing to the Caprivian people in prisons, they donít talk on behalf of the released after many years in treason trial whose payment compensation claims for innocently prisoned are freezed and denied, they never talk of the extension of Kavango Region into the Caprivi soil.

I wonder where these people find the guts to come to Dukwe and call Caprivians to join them in such disorderly situations.

It is time again I call upon the traditional leaders in the Caprivi to distance themselves from the politics of the Caprivi so that they remain respected today and tomorrow; they should concentrate on traditional matters and harmonize their people.

Get your salaries but donít sell the land because that is what makes you who are. It is just a matter of time Caprivi shall be free therefore let not you stand on the way of your liberators

For the third time now Botswana High Courts confirms that the political environment in the Caprivi is not conducive to return people there against their will. Let alone those who risk their lives by surrendering themselves to their enemies of peace do so.

I always believed that the separation of powers in the Republic of Botswana is indeed independent and functional, though of course there are individuals who are up to destroying the good name of Botswana.

I am not convinced that SADC can be manipulated by Namibia to a point of disregarding their political role within the region; Caprivi issue has a place within the SADC structures.

It will be embarrassing to the world if they selectively push other matters under the carpet while enthusiastically attending to other matters.

I therefore conclude by saying that Caprivi is not part of Namibia, Caprivi is occupied illegally by Namibia; those who know how to read find yourself a copy of the act of parliament Act 10 of 1999.

As we commemorate the sacrificial departure of our fallen heroes, let us remain focused and determined for the cause that brought the loss. Caprivi shall be free.

I call for unity of purpose; we should look forward with open eyes and be vigilant not to be cheated to betray your fellow Countrymen and women.

We thank the international Community for the understanding of our matter this far; and I continue requesting for more support to a point that Caprivians shall obtain their freedom.

Let all the Caprivians yen for the freedom to come, let us pursue the goals that the died souls cherished most
May all the Caprivian heroes and heroines rest in peace

I thank you all

Forward Ever Backward Never

Mishake Muyongo
UDP President


Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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