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April 25, 2018

Acting judge Unengu get confused to differentiate the two.

Caprivi Zipfel a colonial type created by British, demarcated in 1884 during the dark era of the African continent called the scramble for Africa; was colonized through the demarcated boundaries excluding it from Zambia, Bechuanaland , Angola and South West Africa.

What surfaced from the just ended high Court decision of the 10th April 2018; in which the status of the Caprivi Zipfel was to be determined, the high jacked acting Judge Unengu portrayed how desperate is the Judiciary system of Namibia, Geingob and his Government they want to cling to the Caprivi just without reasons.

It has shown clearly that Namibia does not understand the Anglo-German Treaty of 1890 that shows the boundary between German South West Africa and Caprivi Zipfel, a Territory to be situated at 21st degree of East longitude.

Namibia does not understand the primary or core objective of July 1 1890 treaty which was only to enable Germany “free access” to Zambezi river to reach out her colonies in east Africa.

Namibia does not know the fact that the current Caprivi Strip was created in terms of Union Act 1909 as one of several territories which were governed directly from London through the British High Commissioner to Union of South Africa!

Namibia dismally fails to understand the fact that the League of Nation Mandate of December 17 1920 dealt exclusively of Caprivi Zipfel, but concerned of Germany Protectorate of South West Africa.

Just in a nutshell, there are many factors to prove the identical status of the Caprivi Zipfel from that of Namibia

Even then, I am not surprised for the High Court to come up with such a ruling, what was going to surprise me is when a Kangroo Court like that of Namibia would stand and defend the truth, when it is founded on treachery lies and corruption, how could clean come out of unclean.

I stand to challenge all the think tanks, of Namibia, critical thinkers both legal, historians all experts to open an unbiased debate on the Caprivi political issue and see if Namibia is not going to be sobbed and shamed as to how they have governed Caprivi all these years illegally.

Acting Judge Unengu struggled to accumulate facts from the Prosecutor General’s argument and also from the state witness Dr. Akweenda that would bring a logical conclusion to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Caprivi is part of Namibia; the failure of the two caused Unengu to disregard the law, factual points, history, cultural and all aspects one can think about raised by Advocate IIse Angenbach and the expert testimony submitted by Phil Ya Nangoloh in the special plea which was to determine the different status of the Caprivi from that of Namibia.

He gave ruling in a state of full frustration and confusion; it differs in no way from that of the apartheid South Africa during the trial of Nelson Mandela and Steve Biko. What must be shameful in this era, in a free Country is to use Courts as tools to oppress others. It shows the desperateness of SWAPO Government and the corruptness of the entire system.

Caprivi is a Country, with international boarders that must be respected by Namibia, it is quite unfortunate that Caprivians are brought before foreign Courts of Namibia to be charged of what Namibia calls crime, when they Caprivians got fed up with the colony of SWAPO had no choice but to defend their territory. Similarly with SWAPO, they were holding guns to loot out the colonizers from SWA.

It is true that Caprivians shall never stop to fight for Caprivi until they get rid of SWAPO Government.

I have a word to the newly President of Botswana President Mokqwaeetsi Masisi, not to deport Caprivians who fled from Caprivi because of the brutality force of the SWAPO regime.

Botswana should remember the past, that there is no time in the history of Caprivi and Botswana that the two had any conflict, we are a family both ethnographically, geographically and colony typological

Let US move together two or three steps back in history, Khama Chief of Bamagwato needed help from Caprivians when his land was invaded by aliens, Caprivians were obliged to join him and wiped out those aliens; it was at that particular event that one of Chaka’s children was captured and brought to the Caprivi and lived at BWABWATA in the Western Caprivi just across Kongola. He was protected by the Caprivians, he lived in peace until he died there; is that not a good history?

Today Caprivians are experiencing a similar problem, their land is usurped by aliens; they came running for their lives to Botswana, now they are on the blink to be deported back in the hands of their enemies, remember we do not only share culture and history, but we are blood cousins for that matter. Africans should never try to forget their origins, no matter the current events and future prospective.

It is not a lie, the history spells it correctly, that Caprivi Zipfel and Bechuanaland were governed together as one entity by British colonialist, where was Germany that time? Why they didn’t confront the British on the status of the Caprivi Zipfel? Caprivians today still in position of documents like the Tax Cards for Botswana as all men they used to travel to Kasane and Maun to pay Tax.

Botswana should not treat Caprivians in a cruel way, to hand them forcefully to their enemies to be butchered, right now many Caprivians have died in detention by food poisoning, long incarceration in what they call trial for over 17 years; all those years people are NOT found guilty or not, what kind of justice is that? Even the International criminal Court has never in its entire history taken such a long time on one Case.

That is a total traverse of justice; Botswana is observing all that, those that are in peace and they are peaceful, should not be enemies of peace and should work towards the peace of others.

President Mokqwaeetsi Masisi is hereby reminded of the 8 (eight) Caprivians who were deported in the year 2003 from Botswana, are the very people who are in the recent high jacked ruling of the 10th April 2018.
Since 2003 when they were rendered to Namibia Security forces had been in detention to date, and there is no future justice for them.

Amidst desperation of President Geingob’s desire to do evil on the Caprivian people why can’t President Mokqwaeetsi Masisi ask him; what he thinks could be the best and sustainable solution to the Caprivi Case?

It is said that Straight talk does not break friendship; it is time now that Botswana should try to help Namibia or leave Namibia to swim alone in the deep sea of political scandal.

Botswana has been deceived many times on the Caprivi issue, and if Botswana does not stand on her well known founded principles of democracy and Botho, shall soon fall in the ditch and lose her valued international accepted standard.

The President of Namibia Geingob and SWAPO Government have chosen to forget the recent past, in a recent statement during the visit of President Masisi, Geingob referred to me as “ the man who want a separate Caprivi, we drafted together the Constitution of Namibia and he signed the constitution, by doing that he joined Caprivi to Namibia”.

President Geingob may seem personalizing the Caprivi to Muyongo. I want to remind him that I, Muyongo am a Caprivian, I am not Caprivi the Country, he must know that Caprivians want their Caprivi, as a Caprivian I am obliged to contribute to what must bring end to the suffering of the Caprivian People. He must stop hiding behind me; I am not and shall never be a reason that should stop Caprivians to get their independence.

I want to know from now if Caprivi is personalized on Muyongo, it means we are entering uncharted territory which shall soon be very dangerous.

President Geingob should have learnt from what other liberate minds did together harmoniously; Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde struggled together to seek independence, none among them thought to deprive and play clever and treachery or take the other for granted as you do; they are separate people and leave in peace as two Nations.

Look at RWANDA and BURUNDI their history and culture is intertwined, they are of the same ethnic group but are separate; unlike Caprivians and the rest of Namibia who have nothing in common, only the image of God.

These people are human and sensible; no one among them thinks he is greater than the other, or thinks that these do not deserve that.

Paul Kagame was second to Musseven during their war, they fought together and separated in peace; SWAPO and Caprivi joined forces together to fight the common Colonizers who were colonizing both Countries; what have you eaten that makes you forget all that or deny the truth?

What I can clearly see is that Geingob copied from the book of evil communist colonialists of autocracy, with principle of torture and murder everyone opposed to you, governance of pretense, deceit and treachery, such are tendencies of mafias who knows nothing about solving problems amicably; but arrogance, revulsion and two-facedness reigns in his judgment.

The reasoning of Geingob to say I joined Caprivi to Namibia is so disgusting and shallow, such that even a Kindergarten child can make a clear wisdom.

Geingob says I joined Caprivi to Namibia, what did Sam Nujoma do on 24 June 1999, you Geingob being the Prime Minister, when I was already out in exile?

Check in the box and see what you did, was I part of you? Shame! Stop lies.

WINDHOEK 12 July 1999 No. 2139
No. 117 Promulgation of Application of Laws to the Eastern Caprivi Zipfel Act,1 (Act 10 of 1999), of the Parliament
Government Notice

No. 117 1999
The following Act which has been passed by the Parliament and signed by the President in terms of the Namibian Constitution is hereby published in terms of Article 56 of that Constitution.
No. 10 of 1999: Application of Laws to the Eastern Caprivi Zipfel Act, 1999.

Who authorized you to illegally invade annex and colonize the Caprivi? Reasonable human beings whose minds are liberated always inform and consult people than trying to play clever.

Time is now to try correction, proper consultation with all the Caprivians; so that they make decision for their future. Caprivi is not, was not and will not be part of Namibia even if you can slaughter all the Caprivians as you have been doing since the illegal occupation.

It is time to play honest; you must stop going round and fooling the people, you must face the reality no matter how bitter.

Geingob and the Namibian people should know that I crushed the Shipanga rebellion, remember, that was the huge and bitter rebellion ever SWAPO experienced during the struggle. I stood up and crushed it, I have the names of people that formed that rebellion, I have them documented and one day I will lose strings and let can of worms drop and open.

In conclusion I say, Caprivi is not part of Namibia, Caprivians are not rebelling or seceding from Namibia.

Namibians should acknowledge that and stop torturing and oppressing the Caprivians; it is time to bring the lasting solution to the Caprivi political issue.

I continue to call for all peace loving individuals, Organizations, Governments and the international community to intervene and rescue the Caprivians from the injustice of the corrupt judiciary system of Namibia, which is now used as a tool to further oppress the Caprivians and trample their rights.

I am a citizen of the Caprivi only, unlike those who have foreign citizenship first then they’re so called nation citizenship.

For the Caprivi I live, for the Caprivi I die.

Forward Ever Backward Never.

United Democratic Party (UDP)

PRESIDENT: Mishake Muyongo

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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