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January 1, 2018


1st January shall always be a historic day to be remembered by every Caprivian, it is not a surprise nor vague for anybody to celebrate his/her birthday. On birthday the population is increased and names are given, names that make history and celebrated in the world.

The struggle for independence for the Caprivi Strip started long back, and is heading to its destination despite evil forces against it; it is true that this struggle was started by few individuals who relentlessly annulled the enemies of the freedom for the Caprivi Strip.

Freedom is always hard earned but achieved on one occasion, it is odd for a colonized Country to get freedom and later fall into colonization again. The day we shall get our independence we shall have it and we shall remember our suffering as things of the past.

The struggle for the Caprivi Strip must come to an end now. Caprivian people have endured suffering, humiliation, torture, and many more slaughtered mercilessly just for the reason that they want freedom. All the evil doings done in the dark and bold day light only strengthened and kept us more focused than ever.

The enemies of our freedom today are our neighbors’ whom we fought jointly together to remove the evil ghost of colonization in both of our Countries; we both have same experience as to how bitter and tough each day of the struggle can be; unfortunately they have just forgotten, it has become pleasure and Comfort to them when Caprivians lives in exile because of Swapo’s undemocratic, preconceived programmed colonized minds.

I wish their minds were liberated in the same way they managed to liberate their Country but alas, wishes shall never be horses. Despite all the lessons of the struggle and achievements in education, the conscious of SWAPO Government remains seized with hot iron; the saying is true that a monkey do not know its protruded forehead and sunken red eyes.

Even then, I know that at the back of their minds they know that what they have done and are doing to the Caprivian people cannot be justified both political, legally, spiritually and socially.

SWAPO Government is ashamed to seat face to face with the Caprivian people in order to resolve the political stalemate which has existed for decades, what many people who are following our case have asked me is that, how does Namibia want to resolve the Caprivi issue?

I have always responded to them saying that Caprivi is rich with kinds of natural resources that Namibia doesn’t have, so they are busy robbing and plundering the Caprivi resources, and that is the major reason that is keeping them holding defiantly to Caprivi. So they think nothing with regard to the solution for the suffering of the Caprivian people.

Mining in the Caprivi has become leisure and breathtaking, no wonder they do not know where to start and which resources to harvest. They have become so confused that they would just carry shovels and spades and start digging.

What is happening in the Caprivi is robbery; Namibia should stop their arrogance; Caprivians have long back demanded their freedom and now is time. Illegal mining and transferring animals especially Rhinoceros from Caprivi Strip is a crime committed against the Caprivian people. I am informed that Rhinos have come to utterly extinct in the Caprivi.

I would like to remind all Caprivians that we must guard jealously our God given resources, Caprivi is destined to independence, and there is no force of any kind that will stop us to achieve our freedom from the Namibia’s illegal occupation.

The second reason why they are opposed to the total independence of the Caprivi people is that I helped them to write the constitution which is more liberal and democratic than them; so we call them enemies of our freedom and peace.

I therefore call for unity of purpose, unity the penicillin for success and development, unity to all the Caprivian people. We are a family, and we have come far away being together as children from the same womb the Caprivi Strip our Motherland. Foreigners came and left, SWAPO government should now pack and leave us in peace.

Let us not be misled by certain disgruntled individuals who have lost vision of our struggle, like human body parts with diverse functions, everyone has a role to play at a certain time. Let us seat properly in the vessel the (UDP) that carries us to the shore; unfortunate is for those who ship-out when we are near to the end.

Remember that freedom is always hard earned but achieved on one occasion.

I happily wish all the Caprivians the bright and prosperous future of the New Year 2018.

Forward Ever, and Backward Never!!

Mishake Muyongo
UDP President

Source: United Democratic Party (U.D.P.)

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