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August 2, 2017

Like in the past few years, when 2nd August comes, Caprivians in all walks of life need to reflect back, take self introspection and refocus ourselves; on this particular day in 1999 we lost heroes who were determined to end the illegal forced occupation of our motherland the Caprivi Strip.

They laid their lives not in vain, but for you and me and every Caprivian to be free from the Namibian colonization. It is for us who remained to keep the flames of courage and self determination kindled.

It is a common cause that in any event, the road for the struggle for independence can be difficult and rough, but it is the people themselves who are colonized to stand against injustices of the colony no matter the circumstances.

It is for the same reason I call for all Caprivians to stand united in the same course, as the freedom train is moving towards its destination; previously, I said that we are all drivers of the train; it is true no one should feel left out.

Caprivi is for the Caprivians, it is high time we stop to entertain enemies of our freedom to infiltrate us with their tribalistic motives of divide and rule. In the past it never used to be as it is in today in the Caprivi.

Maybe those who were still growing do not understand the fact that we never had wars between tribes in the Caprivi, traditional leaders were respected, and we could attend funerals across Caprivi without any problems.

All those are now things of the past, should we accept it as normal? Never, we need to live in peace with each other. Namibian Government killed many Caprivians, this why we talk of mass graves in the Caprivi. Others were murdered in cold blood; others were food poisoned while in prisons, something that must be detestable to every Caprivian. Yes, off course we continue to lose others in exile, dying due to natural causes but all remains heroes as they did not yield to the hardship of the struggle, we need to remember them on this particular day.

It is true that the international Community, individual Countries, international organizations both locally and abroad have come to understand about the illegal and imposed occupation of the Caprivi Strip by Namibia. It is my belief that they are not going to watch and do nothing about it.

It is at this time that the Namibian Government are scrambling for reasons in their own Kangaroo Courts to find reasons to incriminate our Colleagues that they owned South West Africa IDS.

Whoever lived in a colony cannot deny to have applied and used identity documents of her colonizer. That one alone cannot and shall never be a reason for paying allegiance to state, that would result for someone to belong to that Country. What ever was there we denounce and reject it as matters imposed by colonizers exactly as Namibia is doing today on the Caprivian people.

Many members of OPO and CANU left South West Africa and Caprivi with the apartheid passports and IDS; but in total objection of the Colonial Government. Namibia is called to prove how they acquired Caprivi as a Country to be part of Namibia; Caprivi is a Country with well established international borders, separate from South West Africa now Namibia.

In conclusion, I appeal to the international Community to come in rescue of our Colleagues in Hardap prisons, the conditions they are subjected too is despicable, and they are forced to eat abominable meat against their culture and religion. They are deprived of their rights to receive visitors in a normal set time of 40 Minutes, instead they are given 5 Minutes. They are being threatened daily as rebels who killed Namibian people. This cannot be allowed to continue as they now live in fear and their rights are infringed in all spheres.

As matter of fact, I urge all Caprivians to be united as Children of the same Mother the Caprivi Strip; Unity for purpose to set ourselves free from Namibia’s colony; looking forward to a day when all our Colleagues in prisons shall be free, those in exile return in peace and joy, those at home, reuniting with loved ones in our motherland. “Remember that we are our own liberators”


Forward Ever Backward Never

UDP: Bulela Sicaba sa utwa

Mishake Muyongo

UDP President

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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