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July 6, 2017

The cry for Dr. Geingob President of Namibia which is occupying and governing Caprivi is at a gun point reported in the State Newspaper, the New era of Tuesday 06 June 2017 with regard to Morocco’s stand on the Caprivi issue cannot go unchallenged.

The United Democratic Party (UDP) leadership in exile, those in the Namibian prisons, at home in the Caprivi Strip and the entire Caprivians aspiring and crying for freedom from Namibia’s illegal occupation of Caprivi jointly would like to happily express our gratitude; to thank the Government of Morocco for a bold stand they took to investigate and expose the evil perpetrate by Namibia on the Caprivian people.

Namibia is vocal and untiring campaigning for Western Sahara’s independence and called on Morocco many times to release political prisoners and grant independence to people of Western Sahara. This stand for Swapo Government has been there from the first President up to the current one. What is shameful with the Swapo Government is that they are occupying Caprivi illegally; they are keeping Caprivi political prisoners for more than 19 years now. Namibia is refusing to dialogue the Caprivi political problem yet Geingob feels Namibia is democratic than Morocco.

Caprivi is not part of Namibia and it has never been part of Namibia and it will never be, Namibia is illegally occupying Caprivi and rules at a gunpoint, Morocco will prove this 100%; as they intend to lounge an investigation on Caprivi Strip, the forced occupied Land.

President Geingob said “Morocco claims that Namibia is illegally occupying Caprivi and that Morocco will be wasting time to investigate Caprivi’s illegal occupation by Namibia; saying Caprivi is legally part of Namibia”
First and foremost Morocco states a fact and does not claim, Caprivi is not part of Namibia. Geingob denies in his statement that Namibia does not have a problem with Caprivi; this is shameful for a leader to tell lies to the world openly in the hearing of the Nation he leads because they may lose trust in him and regard him as a blatant liar.
Geingob did not only lie to the Cuban people and the delegation attended the 5th Continental African Conference in Solidarity with Cuba, the Namibian Nation and the world at large; but he lied to himself and also to his profession. We are told he has doctorate, as an academician; it becomes more shameful and ridicules the world profession of his carrier.

In the past and present education scientists, you may call it (scholars) and even lay people believes that educations molds people morally and socially for better not for worse.

It is believed that when you are led by an educated people you are safe from corruption, imposition, maladministration, and tyranny and perfunctory lies. But today, who doesn’t know that Swapo Government made a merger agreement with CANU in Lusaka on the 5th November 1964? Who doesn’t know that Caprivi is not part of Namibia and has never been part of Namibia and that Namibia in her desperation made an attempt to annex Caprivi to Namibia and that Caprivians are resisting and continuously reject that forced annexation and that is what keeps them in exile and in Namibian prisons today?

Only those in the likes of Geingob who went to school to learn how to write and read only, may fail to understand that Caprivi is not part of Namibia legally; dear readers, it is believed that apart from reading and writing people get knowledge how to live with other people as part of learning. This is practically different with Geingob the president of Namibia.

The past reveals the political status of Caprivi and Namibia. In 1908 in Windhoek district Court, in recognition of the separate two territories named German South West Africa and Caprivi Zipfel, German imperial Judge Stinzing ruled by discharging Rochloff and Geik with immediate effect, the two were caught Poaching and smuggling of weapons and selling them to Africans living in the vicinity; the two were arraigned before him on 29 July 1908, Judge Stinzing ; he dismissed the accused on the grounds that Germany laws do not apply in the Caprivi Zipfel. President Geingob never read this at school; this was definitely after the scramble for Africa the Berlin Conference of 1884 which gave birth to the partition of Africa.

If Geingob knew that Caprivi is part of Namibia since ever; why that his majority party in parliament requested to appeal Act No. 39 of 1968 which prohibited the application of the Namibian laws to Caprivi Strip This gave birth to act 10 of 1999. Caprivi is governed by forced act of parliament not by establishment of the Constitution as President Geingob alludes.

It is surprising that the only reason Namibia has as to why they cling to their illegal occupation of the Caprivi Strip is that I, Muyongo signed the constitution of Namibia and that I was the second to Sam Nujoma.
I said in my interviews with the Caprivi vision editor last time, that I helped Swapo in many ways, if they could be honest and human enough they could appreciate.

If the Namibian Constitution is praised by the whole world because of my input according to Geingob one day responding to one parliamentarian Benson Kaapala on the question of Caprivi; then Swapo must appreciate.
But the claim Geingob makes that for me helping and signing the Namibian Constitution I declared Caprivi to be part of Namibia is a lie and there is no Court of law that will accept it, according to him, this made Caprivi part of Namibia; a signature of 1990, Geingob forgets the act 10 of 1999 signed by Sam Nujoma on the 24 June 1999 extending the Namibian laws to apply to Caprivi Zipfel, this was done when Caprivians were already in exile demanding freedom from Namibia.

Which one is older, the signature on the constitution of 1990 and the act of 1999? Why this confuses Geingob and his Government? There is a serious problem if we must teach him these things at this point in time, I think it is too late now.

Historical facts are very clear, last time I mentioned about the first president of Senegal Leopold Sedar Senghor became a parliamentarian in France during France’s illegal occupation of Senegal; France did not hold ill opinion of legalizing their illegal occupation of Senenegalise for one being law maker in France; Similarly with Ivory Coast, Felix Houphouet –Boingny occupied several Ministerial positions in the same Country France until independence of Ivorians.

I am not the only one who helped other people or Nations in a manner that I did, during liberation struggle many political parties merged for common purpose and after accomplished their mission they separated and thereafter lived in peace with each other; only in Swapo Government is where such is perceived impossible.

The history is very clear, Geingob should have also known that between 1953 and 1963, what is known today Malawi was Nyasaland which by then had a federation with Rhodesia, also known as Central African Federation (CAF), was a semi-independent federation of three Southern African territories- the self-governing British Colony of Southern Rhodesia and the British protectorate of Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland, similarly as to how Caprivi was Governed with South West Africa. The Federation ended in 1963 and in 1964 and 1965 respectively the three territories got their independence. Northern Rhodesia became –Zambia and Southern Rhodesia became Zimbabwe and Malawi as they are all known today.

Ernesto Che Guevara of Argentina fought alongside Fidel Castro of Cuba with the aim to overthrow the Batista forces and later occupied several positions of influence in Cuba; talk of ZAP and ANC; there are many examples that we can mention of our similar situation. But the only difference is the kind of people that we are dealing with.

Nevertheless, the struggle continues, we urge other Countries, NGO’S and individuals to emulate Morocco Government in support of the Caprivi Strip Land occupied illegally by Namibia.

United Democratic Party (UDP) at home and in exile is determined to leave no stone unturned in gist to prosecute our struggle towards independence. Namibia will soon find herself listening, only to be told what to do, something that they have rejected and argued against for many decades.

Struggle Continues!

Backward Never Forward Ever

Mishake Muyongo
UDP President

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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