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Caprivi Strip is not Namibia, it is occupied by force of arms by Namibia – No tobacco project in the
May 29, 2017
Caprivi Strip is not Namibia, it is occupied by force of arms by Namibia – No tobacco project in the Caprivi

The recent trip to the Caprivi Strip by Utoni Nujoma, the Land reform minister of Namibia and the subsequent meeting with the Mafwe traditional leader George Simasiku Mamili is seriously disturbing and has to be challenged before it gets too late.

The Namibian news paper of the 17 May 2017 page no 3 titled” Mafwe Chief backs tobacco project” is a matter of serious concern that must be exposed without delay because it is aimed at destroying the lives of the Caprivian people.

Tobacco is one product that both developed and developing Countries are shunning away from, it has no benefit to smokers but only a house store of unavoidable lung cancer and associated diseases.

Sam Nujoma the father of the current minister of Land reform murdered many Caprivians, history holds him responsible of massacre of many Caprivians in Swapo exile. He ordered recently in the late 1990’s his North Korean trained special forces that murdered many Caprivians, today the son of the same person is coming in subtle way like a devil to convince the people of the Caprivi through their tradition leadership to accept tobacco plantation in the Caprivi Strip. We have learned that the same minister in actual fact did not travel to the Caprivi Strip to discuss the tobacco project with the people of the Caprivi but to tell them that whether they like it or not the project will go ahead. That sheer arrogance of power is an insult to people of the Caprivi who are the owners of the Caprivi. THE CAPRIVI IS NOT NAMIBIA. THE CAPRIVI WAS NEVER A PART OF GERMAN SOUTH WEST AFRICA. THE CAPRIVI SHALL NEVER BE PART OF NAMIBIA.

The issue of health is totally played down in the whole matter, but what surfaces are the individual benefits at the expense of the Caprivian people. That is not what is called development or creation of jobs but a disaster to human beings.

Namibia is one of the Countries that signed the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control adopted by the 56 World Health Assembly held in Geneva, Switzerland on 21 May 2003, a treaty adopted under article 19, the treaty of world health organization (WHO) that came into force on the 27th of February 2005.
Be informed that Namibia, during the launch of the Tobacco Products Control Regulation Act no 1 of 2010 at a stakeholders' meeting, the then minister of health and social services, Richard Kamwi, announced that smoking in public venues will be prohibited as of 1st of April 2014; the Namibian act of parliament on public smoking ban was implemented and all SMOKERS will have to fork out N$500 or face one month in prison if they are caught smoking in public places.

Be assured that many Countries have moved beyond that.

Turkmenistan president outlawed all sales of tobacco products, effectively banning smoking altogether. Contraband packets of cigarettes are already fetching over £8, this is close to N$ 136.00. imagine, this is making smoking almost impossible.

A new decree allegedly bans the sale of all tobacco products, with shops facing a fine of up to £1,200 (or 6,900 manats in Turkmen currency)

Swapo Government is quite aware the dangers that comes with that project, why can’t he take it to ovamboland, is there no soil down there?

All in play is swapo’s evil ill thoughts of the pregnancy conceived during exile, cunningly aimed to make Caprivi desolate, plunder, false indoctrination, issuing bribery to traditional leaders and what I will call stomach politicians, disarray traditional and social order of the Caprivian people; all these is done to confuse and divert minds of the Caprivians from concentrating to their first priority threat-the forced illegal occupation of the Caprivi Strip; which is ultimately should restore their identity freedom, liberty, peace of mind unity and prosperity.

I urge all Caprivians who love each other, love the future of their children and love their Country, to stand together, oppose and reject in all terms the tobacco plantation in the Caprivi Strip.

If we were able and determined to reject Pedico an Egeptian Company which actually was not coming to invest in tobacco, but edible products, but for the reason that we realized; that it was a planned way by SWAPO Government to take away communal land from hands of their owners, we rejected it and it ended in the Nile River. We cannot allow tobacco a health hazard product to be manufactured in our house and assume that it does not matter because we and our kids are already smokers. It is our responsibility as elders, Community leaders, and responsible politicians to guard against everything that puts our people’s lives in danger.

What happened to the Jatropher plant, the Rice project which got high recommendations from University of Namibia research scholars? Why can’t those be done and enlarged rather than introducing lung Cancer to our people?

Caprivians in all corners of Caprivi must have eyes now to see what is coming; you cannot continue to live blind folded forever. Think of the so called Hospital in the Caprivi which is today made a huge white monument, be mindful that when it was created it was called Caprivi state hospital; after independence it was downgraded to almost a Clinic.

Most services which were tenable to its capacity were relocated to Rundu. By that action, Caprivians were first made feeble, as if not enough now exposed to tobacco smoking, where are they going to be treated? What is good in reducing the medical healthy facilities and introduce diseases?

Be also mindful of the fact that Caprivi scores the highest percentage of HIV and Aids compared to all regions in Namibia. The SWAPO Government is not and shall never be sympathetic to the Caprivian people. People who are infected with HIV and Aids are discouraged from all smoking and alcohol drinking. We need to understand that when this project is realized in the Caprivi, tobacco will be available, accessible and cheap to the locals.

It is now or never that Caprivians need to be united, have one vision and destiny, we were Caprivians, we are and shall be forevermore.



Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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