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Caprivi Strip – annexed by force
February 16, 2017
Caprivi Strip – annexed by force

We have written many a time in these passed years about our struggle against the evil forces of Namibia. At all times we have been driving a message across that Caprivi Strip is not, was not and has never been part of what is called Namibia today. These are facts of history that any reasonable human being will be able to understand. It appears though that we are dealing with different human beings who only understand the language that they speak, they do not understand the international language that all reasonable people in the world use to convey messages.

1. The Namibia regime is engaged in creating an atmosphere of Caprivian vs. Caprivian. Caprivians are being trained and armed by the Namibian regime to prepare the ground for the Caprivians to lose sight of their fight for freedom but create fear amongst the Caprivians by trying to sneak in what they call tribal differences.
Caprivians have lived together over centuries and have never taken up arms against each other and they should be wary off this dangerous move from these foreigners.

2. Fighting for freedom is not for the fainted hearted people but it is a journey for survival, identity and existence. We are in this struggle not that we want to be paid by some foreign regimes like Namibia, but because we want our freedom and independence, which is a birth right and a human right. We should feel comfortable in our own skin as Caprivians that we have taken on this task to liberate ourselves from the foreign regime of Namibia.

3. Foreign regimes always have time of expiry. Caprivi Strip has seen colonial regimes come and go. We were firstly colonized by the British who are still technically our colonial masters. The British leased the Caprivi to the Germans and the Germans gave it back to the British. The Caprivi Strip was administered by the British under the Bechualand protectorate. Then it was administered directly from Pretoria by the white minority regime in South Africa. All these phases of colonialism have passed, the Caprivi remained still the Caprivi, never been part of the German South West Africa. A similar thing is awaiting the present regime of Namibia in the Caprivi, that it will phase out by itself or be phased out by the Caprivians and the Caprivian people remain with their Caprivi.

4. Caprivian unity. It is our humble appeal to all Caprivians from all walks of life, inside the Caprivi and outside the Caprivi that unity of purpose is paramount to our struggle for our lives. We have to say to ourselves as we know ourselves we belong to almost one family and that family is called the Caprivian. We have some tribal languages, those tribal languages should not create a barrier between different people but should be seen as people say “variety is a spice of life” in other words the different languages bring out the richness of the Caprivi. The cultures and the customs are also there to act as ingredients of our lives not as tools of hatred. We mentioned the colonial regimes come and go and leave us in our Caprivi as Caprivans. We should therefore guard against the evil forces that are trying to divide us on tribal bases because we know each other’s tribe and language and we have lived with each other without throwing a stone at each other in anger or hatred. Namibia is instigating tribal conflict among the Caprivians, and Caprivians, we believe, we are smart enough not to fall for this empty and wrong move. No Caprivian should be take a weapon of any nature against fellow Caprivian just because he is paid by the illegal regime of Namibia. We are Caprivians and we should stick to that principal of being a Caprivian first and different tribes after, if that is necessary.

5. Caprivians, the human being. Caprivians have common history, culture and customs with the people of Botswana, people of Zambia and to some degree some people of Angola. We share the longest border with Botswana, Zambia and Angola and before we forget we have also a border with Namibia. From the time of human race, Caprivians have had and continue to have some contacts with the people of Botswana through their language, through their culture and customs late alone the border crossing and the interaction of the people. The same can be said with the people of Zambia and a certain section of the Angolan population, but nothing can be said about the Namibia border relationship. Namibian people have never been and will never be part of the Caprivian society because they are from a different world all together, they are as foreign in the Caprivi as a foreigner can be. We have never had any connection with the people of then German South West Africa today Namibia. We have in human terms different spices of human being in the Caprivi that have nothing to do with Namibia and we should keep our identity as such. Namibia has invaded the Caprivi and annexed it by force and it is time for all Caprivians to make sure that we liberate ourselves from this black colonial annexation by force.

6. The international community. We wish to appeal to the international community and the international to help the people of the Caprivi to get rid of this trigger happy regime of Namibia. The Namibian regime for example is destroying the minds and lives of our people and is poisoning their minds in order to destroy the basic fabric of human unity that exists in the Caprivi .It is also destroying our natural resources by using their army that is based in the Caprivi Strip to slaughter our wild life e.g. the elephants and the rhinos. This slaughter of our wild animals is a government organized syndicate, that the international community should be able to look at urgently.

We also appeal to the international community to sanction the Namibian regime for its murderous activities against Caprivians. Another example worth mentioning is the situation of Caprivians in the refugee camp in Botswana. We would like to appeal to the government of Botswana that the lives of Caprivians that are being returned to the Caprivi are in very serious danger, many that were returned under the so called voluntary repatriation have disappeared, in other words they have been killed. We know and believe that Botswana authorities mean well, towards the welfare and well-being of the Caprivians, but the Namibian regime has evil intentions in this regard. They are not being honest with government of Botswana. What we are saying is that Botswana has always been a heaven for people who are running away from political persecution and the Caprivians are. Namibia is involved in this tripartite commission which involves Namibia, Botswana and the UNHCR. Namibia is in this commission deceitfully, they are not playing an honest game with the government of Botswana and UNHCR. Namibia is using this commission as a Trojan horse so once the Caprivians go back to Caprivi they will be slaughtered. We hope it is not late in the hour to ask the Botswana authorities, that Namibia is an evil genius in this case they want Caprivians to be back on Caprivians soil which is still occupied, so they can slaughter them.

Lastly, we request the Botswana authorities and the UNHCR who are in this tripartite commission to be wary of Namibias evil intensions. To us we are a small population and we know each other in the Caprivi, one loss of life is a loss to all Caprivians, more so when that loss is brought about by a foreign regime that invaded our country and annexed it by force.

Forward ever, backward never

UDP - Bulela sicaba sautwa!!

Mishake Muyongo
UDP President

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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