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New Year Message 2017
January 1, 2017
New Year Message 2017

I appeal to the people of the Caprivi Strip at home and abroad as we enter the new year at the same time we are entering the 18th year away from our motherland, the Caprivi Strip; away from our families for the reason that our country was invaded by aliens. Aliens whom we have nothing in common be it tradition, custom, language and culture. These aliens who happen to come from German South West Africa have Hitler type mind to occupy, kill and torture the Caprivians, the land and the mind.

History has shown us that the Caprivi Strip, was, is and has never been part of German South West Africa. The Caprivi Strip changed administrations many times but still remained a British colony. When it was administered by the illegal regime of the white South Africa, Caprivi had its own administration and laws separate from German South West Africa. The present alien regime of Namibia imposed itself on the people of the Caprivi and their country by armed force. Since the annexation of the Caprivi 18 years ago, many Caprivians were arrested, kept in prison, paraded, humiliated in front of the so-called courts of justice. Many were killed whilst in prison and for those who remained outside in the Caprivi were being hunted down like wild animals. Up to this moment the lives of the people of the Caprivi have totally changed. They have no freedom to express themselves in any manner if found, will be arrested or otherwise will be shot and killed. Let me mention here the recent story of people of Western Caprivi, two of them were found in the bush gathering some wild berries which are common berries people of the Caprivi eat, they were immediately attacked one of them was killed and the other by the name of Jonas was wounded badly. One should then ask a question “what crime did they commit? Other than being Caprivians in their land gathering some berries, just the fact that they are Caprivians they become a soft target for the trigger-happy army of the so-called Namibia.

One more thing to mention is the harassment of the Caprivi Concerned Group (CCG) by the so-called authorities. Some government employees are on record including the head of the so called Namibian police to the fact that he appealed to the neighboring countries that if the people who belong to Caprivi concerned group cross the border into these countries must be sent back in boxes, in other ways this so-called police chief is asking the neighboring countries to kill these people. The question comes “What crime have they committed? Is it a crime to educate Caprivians about their human and political rights? ” These activities of the Caprivi Concerned Group take place in the Caprivi which is not a part of Namibia, will not and has not been part of Namibia.

History teaches us that annexation is a declaration of war in other ways when Namibia moved its troops into the Caprivi to kill, torture and occupy it was a declaration of war on the Caprivi. The citizens of the Caprivi had the right then and have the right now to defend their country from annexation and occupation by force by using all possible means available to them.

I say to all the people of the Caprivi wherever you may be, that our freedom train continues its journey until it reaches its final destination the Caprivi Strip. In that journey all Caprivians shall be drivers, not passengers.

We must also mention yester year that we have managed to expose the case of the Caprivi Strip to the international world. We have for example managed to draw the attention of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) and Southern African Development Community (SADC). They remain posted with the issue, we hope for some developments in the new year.

The United Nations’ committee against torture (CAT) also reminded the regime of Namibia about the torture that took place during the annexation of the Caprivi and is still taking place in the Caprivi now.

We would like to appeal to the United Nations organization e.g. the committee against torture not only to reprimand but to sanction this terrorist state of Namibia. The so-called minister of justice of the terrorist state of Namibia admitted that they tortured Caprivians and they still continuing torturing Caprivians.

The other thing that should be mentioned is that there is a state organized poaching in the Caprivi Strip, the Caprivi elephant and rhino is on the brink of extinct. If no action is taken by the international community there will be no elephant or rhino in the Caprivi Strip within the next year or two. Poaching is sanctioned at the highest level of authority and is being implemented via so-called defense forces and police.

It is therefore important that Caprivians wherever they may be especially those at home to keep their eyes open and expose these evil activities of Namibia regime forces. They are our natural and national resources that are being destroyed.

Finally, as we enter the new year I want to wish all the Caprivians from all walks of life to have a Happy New Year and as we celebrate the New Year we should remember and always remember that no one can liberate us except ourselves in other words I appeal to all Caprivians to make whatever contribution you can to the liberation of the Caprivi in whatever small way you may do, the Caprivi will appreciate. Let us not delay our own freedom, we should make it a duty for every Caprivian to say to the alien regime of Namibia that the Caprivi is for Caprivians and Caprivians will not rest until every inch of the Caprivian soil is liberated from these evil aliens who invaded our country.

Forward ever, backward never
UDP bulela sicaba sautwa

UDP President

Source: United Democratic Party (U.D.P.)

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