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The Caprivi Strip - the occupied land by Namibia
December 11, 2016
The Caprivi Strip - the occupied land by Namibia

During the last United Nations general assembly meeting in New York, which is this year, the president of Namibia made a reference to the fact that Western Sahara should be independent. It made many Caprivians to be surprised that the leader of Namibia which is occupying the Caprivi Strip by force, torturing Caprivians, throwing them into prison for many years and killing them, was able to talk about western Sahara that is occupied by a different country without mentioning the Caprivi Strip that Namibia occupies. The people of Western Sahara desire and deserve freedom from Morocco, and Caprivians desire and deserve same.

There is a systematic elimination of Caprivians that is taking place now in the Caprivi Strip and those activities have to be answered by the Namibian authorities, the sooner the better. We believe very strongly that charity begins at home but it should not end there, therefore we call upon the Namibian authorities to remove themselves from the Caprivi Strip because the Caprivi was, is and will never be part of Namibia.

History has it recorded that Caprivi has nothing in common with German South West Africa now called Namibia the only thing that people might guess that we share is mother Africa the continent. To try Caprivians for treason and to parade them before the illegal courts of Namibia is tantamount to humiliation and is a human rights violation.
The Caprivi Strip has no cultural, customs, or linguistic ties with Namibia save for the fact that we are supposed to be Africans. Some time back we made mention of the fact that Namibian courts have no jurisdiction over the Caprivi and should immediately release the Caprivians unconditionally.

History also reveals very clearly that the Caprivi strip was never part of GSWA now Namibia because the court in Windhoek on July 29 1908 stated that “German law had no validity in the Caprivi Strip and that the German protectorate Act dated September 10 1900 on which all legal norms that can be applied in protectorates are based, only deals with countries in which the protective authority of the German Empire was erected and such protective authority did not exist in the case of Caprivi Strip.” Given the above fact why are Caprivians in prison in Namibia, what crime did they commit in Namibia?

The judges of Namibia courts blinded themselves to these naked facts about the Caprivi it is therefore in our understanding that such judgements can only come from kangaroo courts and not normal judicial system. No lawyer or judge worth his salt would have missed these cardinal points about the Caprivi and German connection.
Caprivi was annexed by Namibia by force of arms in1999 and such act is as good as declaring war on the people of the Caprivi, given that scenario the Caprivian people were left with no choice but to answer force by force.

We are a very peaceful loving people but we are also prepared to die for our freedom more so when our new colonizers happen to be black like us. It is not late for the authorities in Namibia to take the bull by the horns and sit down with the leaders of the Caprivi Strip to find a peaceful resolution. We appeal to all platforms of the world for people of the world to see and understand our plight, we are silently being murdered, tortured and killed by the Namibia terrorist government.

According to history once again Caprivi Strip is still a British colony and we are asking the British government to tell the Namibian authorities “hands off the Caprivi Strip and let Caprivians decide their own future.” Namibian authorities are nothing else but murderers and killers of the Caprivian people.

Forward Ever, Backward Never!!!

Mishake Muyongo
United Democratic Party (UDP)

Source: United Democratic Party (U.D.P.)

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