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April 9, 2015

Published: Apr 09, 2015 - 12:46 PM
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Dear Mr. President:

You may well be the political Messiah which our tormented nation has been waiting for, for so long, for its healing and movement forward towards genuine fostering of peace, unity and a common loyalty to a single state and towards securing to all our citizens genuine justice, equality, liberty and solidarity.
As a well-known frontline human rights practitioner of our land, I have watched you for a very long time, and several bad things you have said and or done put aside (and everyone, including myself, has his or her negative aspects), overall you have been a judicious, proud and visionary patriot and leader.
I recall vividly when back in 1989 you steered our nation to independence as chairman of the Constituent Assembly and within less than 90 days we have our democratic Constitution in place.

I also recall that back in or around September 2 1990 you, as our Prime Minister, summarily disbanded that very notorious band of close to 1 500 Special Constables, which was instituted in this country with an objective to intimidate and or even eliminate real or perceived opponents of your own ruling SWAPO party. This disbandment occurred after a series of human rights reports which NSHR, as NamRights was known then, had compiled and published, severely condemning the conduct of the said Constables.

I have also deeply appreciated that was back in 1990 in or around November that year you invited me and my Parents Committee of Namibia colleagues to your offices to consult on the still burning issue of ‘Missing Persons’.

Following such consultations you have introduced a motion in Parliament, as National Assembly was solely known then, which resulted in requesting and or delegating the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to investigate the issue of ‘Missing Persons’.

That also resulted in inter alia the compilation of an ICRC report in May 1993, which showed that at least 2 000 Namibians were unaccounted for by your ruling SWAPO Party. That ICRC report was unfortunately never followed up, a fault of not your own, but that of your superiors.

Recently, for the first time ever in the annals of independent Namibian history, you, in your capacity as our incumbent Head of State, acknowledged the role an opposition leader, and in this case my late elder cousin brother, Phillemon Moongo, had played in bringing about Namibian independence, democracy and the betterment of the lot of the poor citizens.

Now in the beginning of your era as our President, old-age pension has gone up by 400 Namibian dollars per month, your government will introduce free secondary education next year and you have, through Justice Minister Albert Kawana, announced that close to 20 or so bad laws of this country will be amended as matter of priority to enable our citizens to acquire both urban and farm land (in this specific regard credit should also go to Mr. Job Shipululo Amupanda and his Affirmative Repositioning colleagues).

That, in my sincere opinion, gives credence to your vow to wage an all-knives-out war against poverty and to bring about prosperity in our land.
Now therefore Mr. President, proceed and please do the following:

1. Help pay reparations for our Nama and Herero citizens in respect of the 1904-1908 German genocide.

2. Publicly acknowledge the wrongs that have been done to the hundreds of our citizens who have unjustly been accused of being apartheid South African spies during the liberation struggle in exile. Clear their names publicly and pay reparations to survivors. Also, institute a national truth and reconciliation process to account for what has happened on both sides of the conflict during the liberation struggle as well as to promote truth, justice and guarantees of non-recurrence.

As a former operative in the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN), I truly believe that there must have been SA spies in SWAPO in exile. However, there were not that many spies (in thousands) Secondly, I sincerely believe that the real spies were not caught because that was not the objective of the wrongs that have been inflicted. The real objective of pogroms in SWAPO in exile was merely to silence dissent and or legitimate criticism of the dictatorial SWAPO leadership then.

3. Immediately release and or “pardon” all those Caprivi Strip political prisoners who are currently languishing in our Namibian prisons and pay compensation to all those wronged. Allow all Caprivi Strip exiles, including Mr. Mishake Muyongo, to freely and safely return to their motherland and immediately unban the banned United Democratic Party of Caprivi Strip.

4. Address and resolve issues and concerns our Rehoboth Baster tribe. Return their communal lands and other community properties which the Namibian Government has expropriated without just compensation. Without those properties the Rehoboth Baster community cannot inter alia properly promote their culture as a distinct group of our land.

Mr. President in acceding to my plea as above you will have absolutely nothing to lose, but everything to gain and you will go down as a true transformational and a transactional father and healer of our tormented and divided nation.

Dated and DONE at Windhoek, April 9 2015

Phil ya Nangoloh
Namibian Citizen
Cell: +264 81 129 9886

Source: Namright

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