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February 18, 2016

Jessica Mutoiwa was born at Kanono village on December 14 1964 and died on December 13, 2015. She grew up in the same village and as a promising young girl, she started her primary education at Kanono Primary School and later in the years was taken by his surviving brother who was Principal at Simataa secondary school to further attend her senior primary education year at Chinchimane. The following year1979 her late sister who was a teacher at Kasheshe primary school took her along to attend her grade 7 (standard 5).

In 1980 after passing standard 5, she went back to her brother at Simataa to attend standard 6, but in 1981 as her brother was promoted to become inspector of schools in the Caprivi, she moved with him to attend standard standard 7 at Ngweze secondary school. In 1982 when Kizito became a girl school, his brother decided to send her there to do standards 8 through 10. What was remarkable about her is the fact that she never repeated any class despite being moved from one school to another.

After successfully completing matric, she got employed by the Ministry of Education and was drafted to teach at Linyanti Combined School and the following year in 1986 she got transferred to teach at Mavuluma Primary School. It was in the same year 1986 that she met a man who was to become her future husband and formalized their marriage in 1990. Now, since her husband was a political activist he influenced her to join politics and later in the years she got elected first UDP (DTA) Deputy Meyer of Katima Mulilo but resigned the following year to fully concentrate in her career as a teacher.

Let me also state that, the late Jessica was very brilliant as she proved beyond doubts that, while as a teacher, she completed her Primary Education Certificate (ECP) at the University of Namibia; Secondary Education Certificate (SEC); and Secondary Education Diploma at Vista University (now UNISA) through distance learning.

In 1998 as the wind of change downed the Caprivi Strip, in that, government of Namibia unleashed brute force in that region, her husband and others were forced to leave the country into a second country, Botswana. The same year (1998) December she followed her husband in Botswana and lived in Mogodisthane for six years. Since she was a qualified teacher, she taught at private school (s) until in May 2005 when her family got resettled in the United States.

While in the United States, she did her Bachelor’s Degree in Child & Family Development but could not survive long enough to rip the fruits of her labor. Nonetheless, as they say, "behind a great man lies a strong woman”; Jessica is survived by his husband Chrispin Mutoiwa and her two sons Pizo Makhosi and Anorld Mutoiwa.

Meanwhile, the late Jessica Mutoiwa was very instrumental in the United Democratic Party women affairs. The party UDP has lost a strong and focused woman whom I think will be hard to replace. We honor her service and contribution towards the freedom of the Caprivi Strip.

May her soul rest in peace.

Mishake Muyongo
United Democratic Party (UDP)

Source: United Democratic Party (U.D.P.)

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