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January 3, 2016

Caprivian friends and countrymen, more than ever, you and I understand all the risks involved in the struggle for freedom. While everything that has happened so far seem to drag us back, we are more than ever determined to seek, find, succeed, and achieve our goals as freedom fighters. We are destined to be free, and free we shall become.

However, as we celebrate 2016 New Year, we should, at the same time commemorate the lives and contribution of our heroes and heroines as it puts meaning to the history of our liberation struggle. You and I should understand that, they put their lives in harms' way and died for the true cause so that we live to see that day when the Caprivi Strip shall be free.

The yester year will be remembered as a year that tested our struggle and people's will to resist external push and pool forces aimed at destroying our beliefs. But as a united force we stood our ground countering such forces, and God willing, our message has reached people of international understanding. There still exist two issues that need immediate attention and resolve; the case of forced repatriation of refugees in Dukwi, Botswana, and the marathon Caprivi Treason trial in Namibia.

As for the case of forced repatriation of refugees in Dukwi, Botswana; the case is in the Botswana Courts, so, you and I have to wait for the outcome. Coming to the case of the imprisoned Caprivians in Namibia, it is also my belief that, the history and geography of the Caprivi Strip puts Namibia as a separate country. We have never been part of South West Africa as there was no past law or force binding to make or annex us to Namibia. I believe that, Judge Elton Hoff erred himself in sentencing Caprivian treason suspects before his Court because he knew that no law in Namibia or South Africa that legally put Caprivi Strip to be part of South West Africa, Namibia.

In fact, just as Toivo was imprisoned in a foreign country, South Africa during the apartheid era, so, Caprivians are currently imprisoned in a foreign country, Namibia. It must also be understood that, given the circumstance in which Namibia and Caprivians find themselves, we have never been Namibians and we shall never be Namibians even if it is by force of arms, the Namibian Courts have no jurisdiction in the Caprivi Strip.

It also remains a fact that, Treason is political in nature; as such, the court should have done the right thing to refer the treason case to the executive who in turn could find a logical solution on a political round table. But this was not the case, which puts pressure on the so called Courts in Namibia whether or not they are independent or democratic. The answer is NO; they are SWAPO tools created to advance SWAPO interests and political propaganda at the expense of the inhabitants of The Caprivi Strip.

I once said that, if Caprivians currently fighting for freedom are considered as murderers, it is equally important and logical to say that Sam Nujoma is a murderer who deserves to be arrested upside down while his case is being heard at the International Criminal Court (ICC). The man (Sam Nujoma) and his cronies murdered many Caprivians both in SWAPO exile and after Namibia's independence including those who were recently murdered during the so called Caprivi treason case.

Countrymen and friends, let me also reiterate the fact that, a black manís oppression and colonialism is known to be the worst in history because hatred and ignorance cloud their judgment. Nonetheless, we are our own liberators; lets us be united as we forge ahead with our struggle, we should never lose focus but hope for the best because there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Forward ever, backward never!

Mishake Muyongo
United Democratic Party (UDP)

Source: United Democratic Party (U.D.P.)

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