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August 15, 2015

We say that President Hage Geingob’s visit to the troubling territory of Caprivi Strip on August 5/6, 2015, could be welcomed but many received it with mixed feelings because it left much to be desired as many were wondering why divide and rule tactics were used in that particular meeting. In retrospect, a President is elected by the majority population but once s/he wears the hat of a President, he or she becomes the State President of all including those that never voted for them.

They say truth sets people free; to be precise President Geingob and the entire SWAPO elite knows for a fact that, Caprivi Strip is not part of Namibia and that it was a risk to pay a visit to a foreign land. Listening from the rumor mill, even he [Hage] as most Caprivians did was speaking while knowing very well that he was in a foreign country.At first, his head and eyes were focused on the people he was addressing but while being questioned by Mr. Alfred Chilinda, the President took away his eye glasses and could not look directly at the audience that was standing up cheering in support of the speaker. It is common knowledge that Mr. Chilinda touched his nerves and having heard enough he decided to close the meeting afraid of what was to follow.

Question is; what kind of a President segregates his people openly? Taking a political position of President requires courage to tackle problems head on, and we believe he [Hage] had ample time to prepare for such a visit. But in most times, the harsh realities stand out to sway how a debate can go. However, as he rightly stated that dialogue curbs war; why if not in his first year in office can’t he allow mediation/negotiations between the United Democratic Party (UDP) and his government to take place?

It is troubling but on the other hand was expected of a foreign President to clearly say that, he is running Namibia and not the Caprivi Strip because all those in exile and in prison are from that said territory. To us saying that a referendum might be sought not now but later is one thing and to call for it to actually take place is another. In Mr. Muyongo’s words, “if the Namibian government doubts that I don’t have the majority support in the Caprivi Strip; prove me otherwise by allowing a UN organized referendum.”

A leader listens to both his support base and most importantly from his critics and is up to the leader to be critical in all that he hears. In the Caprivi Strip from Impalila to Andara/Mukuvi border it is not a minority that wants independence, Mr. President; the majority are crying and working hard to achieve that.
It is SWAPO that planted the bad seed of tribalism in the Caprivi Strip with intent to divide and rule as you rightly said that when you first came in the Caprivi Strip, you were shown a cutline dividing the two tribes that could be true. But what you failed to mention is why your SWAPO government created chiefs where there was no chiefs, and information has it that, SWAPO is trying to make sure that the word “Mafwe” from the Mafwe Royal Establishment be removed.

SWAPO changed the Caprivi Strip Names to Zambezi and East Kavango to mention but a few. God knows what next you have on your plate to further disintegrate the people of the Caprivi Strip. Caprivians are wise enough to read between lines, and we challenge you right away to call a referendum and just as you failed to contain a few refugee delegation from Dukwi; your government shall be surprised because we shall victoriously come out with an overwhelming majority should a referendum be a deciding factor in the Caprivi Strip conflict and this is a fact.

People are hurting, Mr. President, watching their loved ones die because there are no health facilities and services while government is dancing in the footsteps of former first President of Zambia who made sure that Barotseland was down trodden to ashes. In the Caprivi Strip the people saw this coming and they want out now, and no one shall stop them including your rhetoric, Dr. Hage Geingob.

You should also know this Mr. President that, although you were not so close to Mr. Muyongo in exile in Zambia as the likes of the former and current speaker of Namibia’s National Assembly were,you should know the answers to what, when, where, how, and why Mr. Sam Nujoma put aside his SWAPO Vice President. Secondly, now that you are in power why can’t you tell the world what nearly befell you at the hands of SWAPO in Zambia? We are aware that you have to play by SWAPO’s chase book or face impeachment from the SWAPO circles.

It is also a sign of political immaturity for a President, when asked about drought food relief to mention that, he does not need votes from mercenaries. This is similar to giving snake/stones to a hungry child. Why should people vote for such person who doesn’t take their problems at heart? Caprivians be ware that all SWAPO need is your votes but most interestingly for you all to die in order for them to take your land and its resources. How could a team of doctors be brought in the Caprivi Strip for a day/month and return the next day? All they are coming for is to eliminate you from the face of the earth.

Furthermore, to state that Namibia is a Unitary State is fact. But it is also true that the Caprivi Strip was and still is not part of Namibia as section 38(5) of the South West Africa Constitution speaks volumes. The 1999 promulgation to include Caprivi Strip to Namibia does not hold water because first, it was done after Caprivians went in exile. Secondly, the decision to include the Caprivi Strip to Namibia never followed the right procedures as far as annexation of a country is concerned. In all fairness, a referendum determining the fate of the Caprivi Strip territory was and still remains logical a route to take in the Caprivi Strip case.

For President Hage to also say that Mr. Muyongo was part of the people who drafted and made Namibia a unitary State and as such he should not talk about Caprivi independence is an understatement. The fact remains that, it is not he [Mr. Muyongo] alone wanting freedom and independence, all the people of the Caprivi Strip want and need to be free and independent from Namibia. He managed to help you attain you freedom by crafting a UN Resolution 435. Also Mr. President, was is it not for Mr. Muyongo the Shipanga rebellion team could be the one running Namibia today. Why are you not thankful for his contribution to Namibia’s freedom struggle? It is time for your administration to stop dilly darling tactics on what to do about the Caprivi Strip conflict; unconditionally release all Caprivians from your prisons and let the people of the Caprivi Strip territory determine their destiny by way of a referendum.

You should also know that many people in Namibia including Caprivians at home have high hopes in you Mr. President, because you from the beginning had been so outspoken as far as conflict resolution is concerned. You lived it; worked it; and ate with it while in exile in the US and Zambia. We do not want to go to an extent of depicting that the Namibians and their security forces are “the soldiers of fortune” in the Caprivi Strip and not the hungry population of that territory. It is because of your policies of developing foreigners instead of the inhabitants of that place that is why they have turned into beggars.

To the people of the Caprivi Strip, now is the time to work together, make ourselves heard, and show SWAPO and the world we mean business when it comes to our long awaiting freedom and independence. Stand up and demand what is rightfully yours; no one should take away that right to self-determination and independence from you. It is only us together being united who can take ourselves out of the yoke of oppression and colonialism.

UDP Bulela Sicaba sautwa!!!!

Chrispin Mutoiwa
UDP Secretary for Information
206 946 2435

Source: United Democratic Party (U.D.P.)

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