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Muyongo Cohorts Distribute freedom papers in Katima Mulilo (2004-09-08)
September 10, 2004
By Risco Lumamezi

MUYONGO supporters in Caprivi have distributed a dozen of papers this morning alerting Namibian Government to stop ruling the Caprivians a strip Island between Angola, Zambia and Botswana.

Establishing the truth written in the letters, whom the person who distributed the papers was not available for comments.

The Caprivi Vision managed to get hold of some of the letters which noted that “SHOCK WITH TEARS, TOOLS DOWN IN CAPRIVI, THE GVT OF NAMIBIA SWAPO govt in Caprivi was buried during the 1998 exodus to Botswana. We are appealing to the international community, that we don’t want the present gvt (SWAPO) in Caprivi. We want to rule ourselves .we are only forced to vote for you whilst our choice is Muyongo of U.D.P

BULELA SICABA SA UTWA!!!!!!!!”Noted the letter.

Efforts to get the man on top proved useless as they were not available for comments.

Source: Caprivi vision

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