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October 4, 2014

We say that Caprivians immensely suffered under the apartheid regime of South Africa. All they died for was freedom of their motherland the Caprivi Strip. Starting with the first CANU president Mr. Brenden Simbwae to Lyamboloma, to those whose hands were cut off shows how cruel the apartheid regime was. Unlike in South Africa where young protesters used to be shot at and slaughtered in broad day light, the burning of late Masida and many others who perished without trace brings to mind the harsh brutality the people of the Caprivi Strip endured during apartheid era.

Now under the SWAPO colonization, the people of the Caprivi Strip are subjected to constellations of arrests, torture, and indefinite detention. People are missing without trace, they are rounded up in their deep sleep, like what befell the family of Mr. Dasken Salwendo Mulisa in Katima Mulilo on September 5, 2014. The police action to that incidence can be attributed to inhuman and degrading treatment or practice requiring and constituting a criminal case. How on earth can five or more small trucks loaded with fully armed policemen be sent to arrest one man?

We can only say that, what happened that particular day and time was clearly an intent to assassinate Salwendo which could also be qualified by the behavior of the so called Chief Inspector of police Robert Sanjahi who failed to disclose the intent thereoff. We know that SWAPO has a reputation of killing their own people which started from exile in Zambia and Angola, and now in the Caprivi Strip.It is not only common knowledge that police officers carry orders and instructions from their superiors, but incidences like these do carry the blessing of the ruling SWAPO elite.

It is unfortunate for people like Sanjahi to act like a foreigner in his own motherland. Leave it to Simasiku to do, for he is a Zambian but naturalized Caprivian. We say that Caprivians from all walks of life know that they are not Namibians; the people of South West Africa (Namibia today) know that Caprivians are not Namibians; SWAPO know that they are forcing their will to govern Caprivians who do not belong to Namibia; the world over and we in the United Democratic Party (UDP) know that we are not Namibians but Caprivians under SWAPO and a black man colonization and forced occupation.

Civilized people and countries although few in today’s world, when faced with cases like that of the Caprivi Strip they do not promulgate laws on behalf of people who never gave or mandated to be governed by them but seek solution not destruction. The United Democratic Party had in the past and still are open to dialogue to resolve the issue peacefully. We even went an extra mile suggesting a referendum as one of the democratic principle that could be used in the Caprivi Strip case, but the minority SWAPO ruling elite whom we know they are dictators benefiting at the expense of Caprivians gave it a cold shoulder.

These frivolous elite have no idea that despite the destruction on human and natural resources in the Caprivi Strip; whatever tactics, strategies, arrests, torture, detention, and killing or intimidation subjected on Caprivians, the Caprivi Strip will be free one day and free it will. You changed the Caprivi name to Zambezi to kill or make the Caprivi case go away. This action to your surprise exacerbated and gave credibility as to why the people of the Caprivi Strip are fighting for their freedom and independence. You took part of Western Caprivi and incorporated it to Kavango, something uncalled for as it was only imperialists who used to do what you introduced in the Caprivi Strip.

We fought the white colonialism and domination and shall fight black colonialism and domination. The Caprivi land has but no price on the global market, it belongs to the people of the Caprivi Strip territory and not for Namibia to sell to the highest bidder. You have your land that has all the rich resources, why clinging to the land of the poor far away from your country? We never invited you and so please, leave us in peace.

The United Democratic Party (UDP) is a party for the Caprivian people, banning it or assassinating its supporters is but not a solution to the Caprivi Strip case. It shouldn’t be a generational case but SWAPO is trying to make it that way. The people of South West Africa (Namibia today) need to raise it in parliament with no reservations that SWAPO might punish those who tables it. The South West Africa Act 39(5) of 1968 clearly stipulates that no law or ordinance of South Africa or Namibia can be applied in the territory demarcated as the Eastern Caprivi Zipfel. Why then does SWAPO subject the people of the Caprivi Strip to inhuman and degrading treatment?

Politics is not about winning all the time, true politicians know that in conflicts what works is a win or lose situation. It is without doubts that SWAPO fears to allow the United Nations to conduct a free and fair referendum in the Caprivi Strip. So, in such circumstance it is only wise then, to let Caprivians govern themselves.

UDP Bulela, sicaba sa utwa!

Chrispin Mutoiwa
UDP Secretary for Information
206 946 2435

Source: United Democratic Party (U.D.P.)

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