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February 11, 2014

Behind an open heart lie a story and the story we would like to tell is about the Caprivi Strip. The story that goes with it is “pro patria mori”, meaning it is sweet and proper to die for one’s country. Our motto is “nitere porro”, meaning we strive forward. It is to our knowledge, belief and understanding that the Caprivi Strip territory is a Stateless nation. Just like the Republic of Macedonia that became independent in 1991, the Caprivi Strip needs to be independent in order for it to be eliminated from the ranks of Stateless nation.

Caprivians are a nation comprising of reasonably a large group of people with a common culture, a territory they view as their homeland, and sharing one or more important cultural traits, such as religion, language, political institutions, values, and historical experience. As a people, we tend to identify with one another, feel closer to one another than to outsiders like Namibians, and most importantly, we belong together.

It is safe to mention that Caprivi Strip has not yet become a member of the United Nations and as such, it falls under the United Nation Trusteeship. Chapter X11, article 76 (b) on International Trusteeship System states: “to promote the political, economic, social, and educational advancement of the inhabitants of the trust territories, and their progressive development towards self-government or independence as may be appropriate to the particular circumstances of each territory and its peoples and the freely expressed wishes of the peoples concerned, and as may be provided by the terms of each trusteeship agreement”.

As a young nation, the people of the Caprivi Strip for the past decades needed time to learn the political geography of their land and territory and now they have become mature enough to run the affairs of their country. It is fitting to state here that, in every story there is truth attached to it. Put differently, the Caprivi Strip story, unique as it seems, has some truth attached to it.

Let us say that, we cannot explicitly describe it more than how the Human Rights advocate and specialist Mr. Phil Ya Nangoloh already depicted in Windhoek Court (2014) when he testified as witness over the Caprivi Zipfel case, to which we concur that, no person or organization has the sole right to delimit the boundaries of a country including conferring sovereignty upon any State without the express consent of concerned people in that particular territory, (para. 4).

For all that Mr. Phil Ya Nangoloh has done, the entire Caprivian populace, and particularly the United Democratic Party (UDP) salute him. We shall be forever thankful for your honesty, brevity and most importantly, for being true Human Rights advocate. Information has it that, government of Namibia through its machinery the intelligence community, is out there to investigate, arrest, and where possible assassinate the icons Mr. Phil Ya Nangoloh, Mr. John Lilemba and the defense lawyer Ilse Agenbach.

Why going to that extent? To us that is a sign of political cowardice. In the face of the world and if SWAPO has reasons enough to contend the facts laid down by the two men, why not face reality by disputing the facts with the United Democratic party (UDP) on a political table? We consider these threats as very serious, given SWAPO’s past record of killing not only Caprivians but also its own people during their liberation struggle in Zambia and Angola. It is for this reason that we appeal to the international community to intervene in the matter and where possible rescue the aforementioned persons.

In response to Dr Crazy Charles Mubita, no wonder why he is doing whatever he does best to please his masters and government he currently works for. It is not only a disappointment but also opprobrium to say the least, for a Caprivian Ph.D. holder for that matter, to be used as tool to disintegrate not only a united people but also their rich history. Caprivi Strip has a history although people like Crazy Pondongozi Charles Mubita, and Dr. Kangumu have been trying hard to dilute it with their own distorted history that has no roots and connection to the Caprivi Strip territory. You see, being researchers, the two knows better not to plagiarize on the late Ernest Likando (Pondongozi)’s distorted history but do a thorough research to come out with the facts about the history of our motherland. The Caprivi Strip was never in the history books called Intenge and when time will be right, we shall inform you where this name Intenge originated. For now, know that Linyandi was the original name of the Caprivi Strip.

Referring to the great man Mr. Muyongo as a man who “arrived in Lusaka after being deported from Zaire (DRC) where he was imprisoned for allegedly spying for Rhodesians” is not only a lie but an insult to your elder and a soon to be father of the Caprivian Nation. The Bible says that respect your mother and father for your days to be prolonged on this earth. Mr. Muyongo was SWAPO Vice President and as such, Mr. Nujoma and everyone in SWAPO knows why and where he was arrested before he returned back home in the Caprivi. Ask yourself questions why and what interest could Mr. Muyongo have on spying for Rhodesia? Nader. It is only logical though, to mention that your obscenity will soon catch up on your life. Sometimes it is great to wear your territory and country’s flag without questioning it.

To all Caprivians, now is the time to ask ourselves questions as to what each one of us have contributed to free ourselves from the SWAPO and government of Namibia’s forced occupation in our motherland. It is not wise to wait for others to act or do things for us, but to work hard to reach our destiny. The Caprivi Strip territory is not part of Namibia. It belongs to all Caprivians; Mafwe, Masubia, Mayeyi, Mambukushu, Matotela, and Mabarakwena. Together we are a strong unbreakable Caprivian Nation.

UDP Bulela Sicaba Sa Utwa!!!!

Chrispin Mutoiwa
UDP Secretary for Information
Ph.D. Candidate U.S.A.
206 602 7851

Source: United Democratic Party (U.D.P.)

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