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January 1, 2014

Much as everyone on this earth rejoices to see themselves alive and kicking in a new year. It is also known that many could not make it to this day as their lives were cut shot in 2013. Some died from natural causes whereas others had to die because someone out there had determined their fate. Every New Year brings to mind high hopes that, there will be an end to the oppression in the Caprivi Strip. But SWAPO is tightening its grip over the Caprivi Strip and its population.

January first so important a day to all Caprivians, is a day when the Caprivi National African Union was disbanded, for the sake of unity, and a new party, the United Democratic Party (UDP) was born. It also marks the day when the United Democratic Party (UDP) of the Caprivi Strip parted ways with the DTA of Namibia to fight for freedom of our land and country, the Caprivi Strip. Like always, the New Year is upon us again for all of us in exile and at home, to reflect on the past year by checking our activities whether they were in line with our objective and goal of achieving total freedom. It is an anniversary and time to look back at the bad and good times we had, and a time to look ahead to live our dreams together.

SWAPO is by far the worst colonizer and oppressor in the Caprivi Strip. On the one hand, they are grabbing land from Caprivians; they are extracting and selling stolen diamonds from the Caprivi Strip. On the other, they are uprooting and planting seeds of Ovambos with intent to dilute and pollute the Caprivian tradition and culture. Those Ovambos resettled in the Caprivi are nothing but criminals. Why it is that, Caprivians are randomly shot at and killed by Ovambos in the Caprivi Strip? This goes to show why a black man’s oppression is considered the worst and cruel act on the globe. It is a fact that Caprivians share no links with Ovambos. Our tradition and culture is different and even the food we eat is totally different.

To all the people at home, let me reiterate here that, when only one Caprivian is missing or killed, the whole population suffers. In other words, an injury to one is an injury to all. You see, unique as the Caprivi struggle seems to be, it is a good opportunity for each one of us to work tirelessly while combining forces to fight our oppressor. Fourteen years has passed since those poor Caprivians have been put behind bars. Many of whom have perished while Namibia keeps on postponing their case. They died not from natural cause but from torture and forced death of poisoning them. Fighting for freedom is not a crime but a Right for every human being as enshrined in the UN Charter.

We need not remind SWAPO that, they walked the same route and thus they need to find political solution to the Caprivi case. Peace loving people seek round table negotiations and discussions in finding lasting solution to cases of political nature. Colonization in the twentieth century is not only barbaric but a crime against humanity. The people of the Caprivi Strip do not want you to govern them, if you so wish, then follow the normal procedure by seeking their mandate in the form of referendum and not imposing yourself on them against their wishes.

Much as we know the facts, SWAPO is also well aware that, the Caprivi Strip is not part of Namibia. In lieu of this fact, Caprivians are fighting for the Strip and not for any piece of land in Namibia. Treason as among the most odious of crimes can be defined as betraying one’s nation state. But it also depends how fine the line can be between patriot and traitor. Question is, is Caprivi Strip legally part of Namibia? The answer is NO.

Now, since Namibia could not follow the right procedure in terms of repealing section 38(5) of the South-West Africa Constitution Act 1968 (Act 39 of 1968) which provides that “no Act of the Parliament of (the Republic of South Africa and no Ordinance of the Legislative Assembly of the then Territory of South Africa and South West Africa passed on or after November 1 1951 would apply in that part of the said Territory that was demarcated and known as the Eastern Caprivi Zipfel, unless it was expressly declared so to apply”.

It is therefore safe to say that, the claim for treason falls out when it comes to the Caprivi strip case, unless and until Caprivians themselves pronounce in a form of a referendum giving Namibia mandate to govern the Strip and its people. So, just like the likes of Toivo Ya Toivo and others kept reminding the apartheid regime during their imprisonment in Ruben Island, the Kangaroo courts in Namibia have no jurisdiction to try and late alone convict Caprivians in Namibia as the laws there, which are foreign, are not applicable to and in the Caprivi Strip.

The other thing that bothers me is the silence from the International Community. Despite the daily killings of Caprivians in the Strip nothing is done on their part. Instead refugees in other countries are denied access to the only source of life, water. How many deaths do you expect to hear and see before you intervene in the Caprivi case?

Finally, let me appeal to all Caprivians from all walks of life that, it is a long walk to freedom. We should be strong and have the will to forge ahead with the struggle to free ourselves. The freedom train is cruising in the right direction to its destination, the Caprivi Strip. I wish you all a prosperous year 2014.

Forward Ever, Backward Never!!!!

Mishake Muyongo
United Democratic Party (UDP)

Source: United Democratic Party (U.D.P.)

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