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August 1, 2013

The only son of Africa Mr. Nelson Mandela once said, “long walk to freedom”. After many years in exile, people ask questions like why the Caprivi struggle has taken so long to come to an end. Quite a few have even lost hope whether or not their sons and daughters will ever return back to their motherland. Many also think and wish that the struggle should not have been there in the first place. For the majority, reality is now surfacing and sinking in as they are questioning why Mr. Muyongo did not inform them about SWAPO’s leadership style and plans.

Coalescing all these ideas, one thing is loud and clear and that is; people are paining and have had enough of SWAPo’s repression, oppression, and suppression over their quest for self determination. Let me say that I hear you all. But know this, countrymen; in every undertaking, the road in other areas shall be rough. It is up to the gladiators to work hard pushing the rope to the end line. It is always rough and tumble, but with perseverance clear water shall be reached just around the corner. Always hope for the better because tomorrow as they say; no stone shall be pressing the other.

August 2nd is the day set aside to remind us about our fallen heroes and heroines. Many perished in the Namibian prisons, while others died at the battlefield, and in foreign countries. It is always hard for many families who lost their loved ones, especially when their remains were buried in foreign countries. But behold; proper resting places will be the case at the end of the struggle.

Point is; they died so that you and I live to see the struggle get to an end. They sacrificed their lives so that one day the Caprivi Strip shall be free. Most importantly, they never died in vein, but believing that The Caprivi Strip was more than a SWAPO created colony but, a territory whose people are proud to call a country.

Now, the dead keeps on reminding us that the job to liberate the Caprivi should not be taken lightly. The Caprivi Strip needs us all to join forces and together nothing can stand in our way. SWAPO is a foreign occupant of the Caprivi Strip and you need not be reminded every time because when you look up you can read the signs from every leaf. If you listen hard, the wind is not blowing in your favor. SWAPO and government of Namibia once employed the tactic of divide and rule in the Caprivi, but to their surprise the poison seed they grew in the Caprivi Strip is now in their own back yard. Thank God; what goes around comes around. Again, as the bitter pill metastasizes, it sometimes haunts most those who created it in the first place. Furthermore, grabbing land in the Caprivi was SWAPO’s plans from long back in exile and what is taking place today is phase 1 of their implementation stages.

To SWAPO I say; be honorable to vacate the Caprivi leaving it intact for you have no jurisdiction in that territory and part of the world.

To the people at home and in exile I say; we are our own liberators, the struggle continues and thus never lose hope.

Forward ever, backward never!!!!

Mishake Muyongo
United Democratic Party (UDP)

Source: United Democratic Party (U.D.P.)

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