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March 19, 2013

Land in the distant past was known to have been acquired through wars, and Caprivi Strip is one such a territory that underwent that channel. In the same manner, it is known that Caprivians are up in arms fighting the Namibian SWAPO government over that part of the world. As depicted in Confidente of 03/14/2013, to hear of the Mbukushu Chief in Kavango postulating false claims regarding Western Caprivi to be part of Kavango, is not only a provocation but a breach to territorial integrity of that region as depicted in the United Nation Covenants and /or Charter. Let us sound a warning to remind the Chief and his government that the Caprivi territory is not for sale and thus shall never be grabbed from its owners whether by force of arms or otherwise.

You see, history has it that Article 111(2) of the Anglo German Agreement of 1890, paragraph 1, proves that the Caprivi Zipfel boundary follows the 21° E to the point of intersection the 18° S, and runs eastward along the parallel until it reaches the Chobe/ Linyanti River. Furthermore the Germany Portuguese Declaration of 30 December 1886 proves that the Caprivi Zipfel boundary from Andara which is the most South most point on the northern boundary is located about 18° 1’ 26” S. Therefore the line described by Artcle 111(2) cuts the territory of Angola and Namibia respectively in the neighborhood of Andara.

Also, the German Foreign office, in a note from Schoen of 30 April 1910, communicated to the British government declared the boundary between the 21st meridian and the Chobe to be formed by a parallel of latitude lying twenty (20) English miles from the northern boundary of Namibia, from Andara to Katima Mulilo Rapids.

We also learnt that the delimitation Commission headed by Mr. Siboleka was recently in Katima Mulilo to seek clarity and make some changes to the name and the constituencies of the territory. Before that, it was heard that SWAPO instructed the regional Council in the Caprivi to change its emblem and logo. Mr. Siboleka, when the dust settles you might be held to account for your deeds or action. Remember Mr. Gabriel Siseho‘s education saga in the Caprivi and so, never fall in the same pit.

If SWAPO wants to alter names, why not changing their country name and towns like Windhoek, Walvis Bay, Grootfontein, etc. After all, all those names have colonial origin and implications tied to them. The main reason they put you forward to head that Commission, could be that, at the end they may say we even appointed a Caprivian to head the Commision but never disputed the facts on the table. It is common knowledge that to despise the hand that feeds you is like shooting yourself in the foot but remember that the Caprivi community is never stagnant and one way or another your people will need more land to settle on. Where will it be if you had sold it to foreigners?

Furthermore, in a statement issued on 03/14/2013 by Namibia’s Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Mr. Veiccoh Nghiwete on the 24 Western Sahara activists detained in Morocco prisons that featured in the Sun newspaper of 03/14/2013, it clearly shows how SWAPO of Namibia is anti-western. SWAPO will always side with countries that favor communism even if they are in the wrong. But what is more disturbing is the fact that Namibia should not have advocated for the release of such people when in fact they have innocent people imprisoned in their country. For more than thirteen years Caprivians have been detained in their prisons and the government is quite about it.

Now instead of finding an amicable and lasting solution to the Caprivi Case, they now have instigated the Kavango Chief to be on the forefront claiming Western Caprivi, while backing him from behind and in the periphery.We once said that SWAPO will do everything in its power to steal land, chase away the locals and plunder the fauna and flora in the CapriviStrip. Now, as the United Democratic Party’s slogan goes; Ko musa fiti, luna lwa fita. Ko musa boni, luna lwa bona. You all can now see the direction SWAPO is taking the Caprivi Strip to, and now is the time for all the people of the Caprivi to unite; Mafwe, Masubia, Mambukushu, Mayeyi, Matotela, and Mabarakwena. It is crucial that we put away our differences and fight the enemy. Together we can move mountains.

The most viable and logical solution to all these recurring problems is self determination that will lead to the independence of our beautiful territory, the Caprivi Strip.

UDP, Bulela sicaba sa utwa!!!!

Chrispin Mutoiwa
UDP Secretary for Information.
001 206 495 5534

Source: United Democratic Party (U.D.P.)

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