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February 25, 2013

The Caprivi Strip territory is a land blessed with fauna and flora. It’s biodiversity of different birds, plants species, and animal life can support its populace in terms of tourism. God put them there for a purpose and no man should destroy their sanctuary to serve his or her ego. He gave us eyes to see them and lips to tell how many they are. But the almighty never gave us the power to put them into extinction. Today’s generation owes it to the next generation to preserve our natural habitat and all that lives in it. However, when the local people are trying their best to protect and preserve the fauna and flora of that part of the world, the Namibian army, at the instruction of the SWAPO government has a different agenda and mission and that is, to destroy all that which the Caprivi Strip is proud off, the fauna and flora.

The practice of randomly shooting animals started with Namibia’s former President, Mr. Nujoma who in the nineties had a shooting spree where he shot a number of Buffalos and when they got off the vehicle to check or make sure the beast was really dead, it rose and nearly injured him. Now, this practice got worse when Caprivians under the leadership of Mr. Muyongo and Chief Mamili fled the territory to the neighboring country Botswana in 1998, where they sought asylum while trying to fight for the liberation of their motherland, The Caprivi Strip.

We cannot tell whether the Namibian SWAPO government after deploying their soldiers in the Caprivi Strip failed to take good care of them in terms of remunerations or it is because of their innate nature to kill bird species and animal life. But truth is this that Mr. Nujoma as a poacher himself has sent to the Caprivi Strip soldiers who are now killing animals in that territory. By the way, they created a desert in their areas because of their way of life as they cut trees to make kraals and have put to extinction all the dogs they used to own in many places in Ovamboland as they eat dogs, and now they are turning to do the same in the Caprivi Strip. The circulating story on the world news today is that of people killing elephants for their abundant meat and ivory in the Caprivi Strip. It is a known fact that the Caprivi Strip has many elephant compared to other countries in Africa. But that should not be a justification for the SWAPO government to exterminate the fauna and flora in the Caprivi Strip.
Question is; why is this wide spread poaching only taking place in the Caprivi Strip and not in Etosha or other places in Namibia? The obvious answer is this that if one owns something he or she will put all his energy, and time to protect it from all others who might want to be part of it. Again if such erratic behavior is being practiced by the elite and authoritative figures, then one can deduce that they act in furtherance of political expedience.

Not long ago, SWAPO used to blame South Africa for the deeds they now have become specialist in executing. It is our belief and conviction that the SWAPO government of Namibia is destroying the natural resources in the Caprivi Strip because they have nothing to lose and everything to gain as they know very well that it is just a matter of time, the territory will go back to its rightful owners, the people of the Caprivi. Their main aim is to plunder all the resources so that when the Caprivi Strip becomes independent there will be nothing left to offset the country’s economy on.

In the Caprivi Strip SWAPO started by forcing the local government to collect water and electricity monies that was not used in that region as they refer to it, but sent to the national government. When dire situations of renovations and servicing of utilities serves were needed, government could not give the contributed monies to the Katima Mulilo town council. The development situation the deteriorated to the extent that even two tarred roads had to be ploughed out as they became dangerously difficult to drive in.

They then instituted a policy of divide and rule in the Caprivi Strip where they created chieftainships that never existed before. Tribes got at loggerheads with each other and while people were still figuring out what has hit them, they transferred Western Caprivi to Kavango and reduced the region to a constituency. All the services’ headquarters moved to Kavango. Worse still they made sure that the people of the Caprivi were denied education as schools were shrinked to a few high schools with no educational resources and teaching aids. They never stopped there, but also had to impose regional governors to the people who never elected them in office. This was done because they could not win in the Caprivi Strip. Now, seeing that the Caprivi Case is inevitably gravitating to the unstoppable situation, Mr. Nujoma employs a tactic of exterminating the fauna and flora of that territory.

Currently, because of these practices, the Caprivi Strip is the poorest of the poor when it has more natural and human resources to sustain itself in terms of development. It is our belief that achieving development is linked to a perspective of development which views it as freeing people from obstacles that affect their ability to develop their own lives and communities. Development therefore is empowerment: it is about local people taking control of their own lives, expressing their own demands and finding their own solutions to their problems.

Much as every human being is aware that tourism helps to support, cultivate and preserve traditional and ethnic culture, in much the same way that eco tourism helps the environment. We are convinced that the Caprivi Strip with its abundant natural and human resources will do better without Namibia, who are now extracting diamonds in the territory while chasing aware the local citizens in order to better steal their natural resources. Mr. Nujoma is poaching and selling ivory at the expense of the local people as they do not benefit from such illegal sales. It is time you stop stealing from the people of the Caprivi Strip, but move out before all our resources are depleted.

It is because of these particular reasons and others that, the authentic representative of the Caprivian people are fighting to liberate themselves from the unscrupulous SWAPO regime of Namibia in order to protect and preserve the fauna and flora of that part of the world for the future generation to see and enjoy. There is also an adage that a man has a natural instinct to care, protect and preserve that which he owns. So, we appeal to the Fauna and Flora International, the International Community and people of international understanding to come to the rescue of the fauna and flora in the Caprivi Strip by supporting the authentic representatives of people of the Caprivi. With your support, we shall put to an end the indiscriminate killing of elephants and other animals in the Caprivi Strip.
A free Caprivi will protect and preserve its fauna and flora.

UDP, Bulela Sicaba Sa Utwa!!!!

Chrispin Mutoiwa
UDP Information Secretary

Source: United Democratic Party (U.D.P)

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