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August 12, 2012

Although it was prophesized that all man must die, we all mourn the death of late Steven Kwala. As humans we are reminded in Ecclesiastes 2:1: "Everything that happens in this world happens at a time God chooses”. Death is a mystery and yet is as real as life itself. We may not like to think about it but it is as real as the breath we take. It is only a matter of time before the announcement is made that someone has died.

Today we mourn the death of late Steven Kwala, and one day it will be about each one of us. It is no wonder that some say that death is a great equalizer. You may be rich or poor, great or small, politically powerful or weak, but death will harvest us all. The death of somebody we have known in so many ways and probably taken for granted, calls for serious reflection and deep meditation.

Living a selfish life is lighter than feather, but to die having served one's people selflessly carries more weight than anything on this globe. Late Steven Kwala served his country well and his work shall always be remembered. He is a hero whose name shall shine brightly on the wall of those who died serving their country.

Thirteen consecutive years has passed while Caprivians are held in the Namibian prisons. Their crime, wanting self determination that could lead to the Caprivi territory to be free from forced occupation of the SWAPO led government of Namibia. Many have perished while in custody as they were fed with cement and other poisonous substances. The death toll keeps on climbing.

Question is, how long does the international community has to wait watching these coerced deaths over Caprivians? How long should the AU have to wait before they react to resolve the issue between Caprivians and Namibia? Why is SADC so quiet about the issue of Caprivians? Does the world need to see the Syrian situation taking place in the Caprivi before they take serious actions?

Time is now for people of international understanding to act and curb these unwanted deaths. The people of the Caprivi Strip are being hunted from left to right by the SWAPO regime of Namibia. Those at home have seen the waste in terms of treatment at the hands of the security forces in Namibia. They are being followed and monitored on a daily basis. In exile SWAPO keeps on sending assassins, and only through God’s grace that they have not been successful in their efforts. To us any loss of a Caprivian is irreplaceable. But despite these losses, we shall never rest until the Caprivi Strip is free.

Steven may your soul rest in peace.

Mishake Muyongo
United Democratic Party (UDP).

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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