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Memorial Day August 2, 2012
August 2, 2012
Memorial Day August 2, 2012

It is that day again, when people of the Caprivi from all walk of life has to come together commemorating the deaths of their fallen heroes and heroines. It is a day for all of us to remember our beloved countrymen who relentlessly fought to free the Caprivian nation. While we mourn those who fought and died so that we may have freedom, we should remember them for their brevity and dedication. They were warriors who fought and gave their lives so that you and I don�t have to. They gave their lives in the cause of a struggle, so that those who will live may enjoy freedom. They fought for our country, and it is time our country should unite to mourn and remember their contributions towards the struggle.

It is a day Caprivians at home, in prisons, in exile elsewhere, and in refugee camp in Botswana should put in front of their minds. It is a day not only to remember the fallen but for everyone to do a soul searching. A day that people should say to themselves, what have I contributed to the struggle to liberate the Caprivi Strip from the brutal regime of Namibia.

We appeal to all the people at home not only to be spectators in the liberation struggle of their motherland, but be drivers of the freedom train whose destination is the Caprivi Strip. If foreigners or outsiders could go to an extent of recognizing the devastations in the Caprivi, then the worst has taken place during our absence. We understand your fears but fear will not give us freedom and liberation from Namibia. Instead it will increase and add more sufferings to our nation. It is time for all of us to be united not only in words but also in actions just like the saying that action speaks louder than words.

Let us remember this day as the day when the first war between CLA and the Namibian defense force clashed. The media reported that only eight (8) government forces lost their lives but others openly said thousand died on that day of August 2. We also suffered some casualties but to a minimal. Those people did not die in vain as their blood waters our freedom. Their names, like all others, will go in the book of the heroes and heroines.

This day should remind us of the milestone we have come so far, and what sacrifices we have suffered and that which we still need to put out there to achieve our goal and reach our destiny. Much has been done that for now the international community has come to understand the Caprivi Strip Case as genuine. They have come to realize that Caprivians� cry for freedom and independence is genuine and worthy looked at in terms of finding a lasting solution to it. Our mission has been clear that we will leave no stone unturned in our way to attain freedom and independence.

We realize the sufferings of the people at home and in the Namibian prisons. Many have lost their lives while no solution seems to have even slightly been suggested by the Namibian regime. For thirteen years now, the case of the imprisoned Caprivians have not been decided and finalized by the government of Namibia, and yet Namibia claims to care for the livelihood of those in prisons. Those people have done nothing to deserve the punishment they endured so far. What crime have they committed? If they want Caprivi to be free is that a crime? We demand a solution to the Caprivi crisis. We know that when in power, it is that absolute power that corrupts people absolutely.

We reckon that the road to freedom is not an easy one, but a road that requires dedication, commitment and endurance. So never loose hope as we have come half way to attain our freedom. Our enemy is relentlessly stepping on the brakes to see us fail in our tracks to achieve our goal, but more than ever, we are determined that we shall one day be free, and free we will.

Forward Ever, Backward Never!!!!

Mishake Muyongo
United Democratic Party (UDP)

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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