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June 19, 2012
In response to Mr. Nahas Angula (Namibian Prime Minister)’s statement that featured in the Namibian Sun Newspaper of Thursday, June 07, 2012 he mentioned that “the State would only entertain dialogue with Mishake Muyongo if the exiled former Swapo and DTA politician publicly denounces any plans or attempts to secede the Caprivi Region from Namibia”.

Firstly, we find it absurd for a level headed politician like Mr. Angula, to shut box an issue of talks. It is even much worse for him to try and incite other sovereign States to help his government resolve the Caprivi Strip case. We say that any sensible person or party would use this chance to discuss the Caprivi Strip case. So, let us use this opportune time to enlighten the government of Namibia and the international world that, we the people of Caprivi Strip had in the past indicated that we were prepared for talks with the government of Namibia on the Caprivi Strip case. We now again reiterate our stance regarding the matter that, we are ready to sit around the table discussing the decolonization of the Caprivi Strip territory from Namibia.

Let us say that the people of the Caprivi Strip territory have been yeaning for independence of their mother land for many years. So, it is imperative that we remind the government of Namibia that, the issue of the Caprivi Strip started in 1962, when a petition seeking independence of the territory was sent to the United Nation (UN). It is also a known fact that even during the SWAPO struggle; Caprivians from all walks of life went into exile to fight for the liberation of their motherland, the Caprivi Strip.

The Caprivi Strip land is why we had been in exile in the past and now. So, the sole purpose of talks is about the decolonization of the Caprivi Strip, and Mr.Nahas Angula (Prime Minister of Namibia) should be honest enough and never run away from truth and plausible fact. The Caprivi Strip once seceded from Barotseland in the 1900s and is not seceding from any other country. The status quo between Namibia and the Caprivi territory is forced occupation and that is what needs to be resolved.

Our advise is this that, you should do some research about the Caprivi Strip. How can one place secede twice? Our history has it that we changed administration in every ten years. For example, from Barotseland to the Kololo, and second Lozi Empire between 1600s to 1890; from 1890 the Caprivi Srtip was annexed to Germany South West Africa; from 1914 - 1918 along with the rest of Germany South West Africa, the Caprivi Strip was placed under the British Military Rule; from 1921 - 1929 the Caprivi Strip was administered as part of British Bechuanaland Protectorate, and later administration was allocated to South West Africa Administration in Windhoek; from 1940 - 1981 the Caprivi was administered directly by South Africa from Pretoria as a separate territory; from 1981 – 1989 the Caprivi Strip was under administration for Caprivians separate from South West Africa Administrationn; and in 1989 – 1990 this was a transitional period following the Namibian independence.

The current situation in Sudan has nothing to do with the Caprivi Strip independence because Southern Sudan’s politics is new compared to the Caprivi Strip case that started in the sixties. So, it could be wise for Namibia to let what transpired in Barotseland be a Zambian issue to solve; let what is happening in Matabeleland be a Zimbabwean issue to solve; and let the Bakalanga issue, if any, be a Batswana’s baby to solve; Namibia created the Caprivi Strip case and should logically resolve it without tying it to any of the said countries’ problems.

UDP Bulela Sicaba Sa Utwa!!!!

Chrispin Mutoiwa
UDP Secretary for Information.

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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