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April 30, 2012

It is our belief that the oppressed and marginalized minorities in the world should stand up to what they believe could alleviate them from the suffering they endured for so long. For two decades Namibia has been surrounding, arresting, torturing and detaining Caprivians for something that originated from what is clearly known as an unwanted marriage between the people of South West Africa and those from the Caprivi Strip. Being Africans themselves, they have adopted the white apartheid policies and have become slaves in their own land. True Africans are cultured to sit around the table resolving their own problems and disputes.

The opposite is true to SWAPO as they are the lords of misrule who only uses democracy as a show case to gain international recognition and support, whereas in reality the country is being ruled by criminals and hyenas that hide in a sheep skin. They rule with an iron fist as depicted by their closed hand which literally means that once opened, it unleashes the true colors of SWAPO. Not to demonize them, we believe that their actions and treatments on Caprivians is not only contravening Chapter 3, Article 21(d) of the Namibian Constitution, but violating the international protocols, especially Article 3 (4) of the OAU Charter that talks about peaceful settlement of disputes by negotiation, mediation, conciliation or arbitration.

It is shameful to learn that SWAPO has not only rejected but suppressed a planned peaceful demonstration that was organized to take place on April 13, 2012. According to the petition it was aimed at calling the government of Namibia in regard to the facts surrounding the Caprivi Strip case, and questioning SWAPO for the indefinite imprisonment of Caprivians in the Namibian prisons. This was met with force and intimidation that surfaced in a form of an order from the Inspector General of the Namibian police who categorically mentioned that, and we quote “Secessionist as per the Constitution of Republic of Narnibia is classified as High Treason, any pro-secessionist demonstration whether peaceful or in any whatever form will be construed as supporting the secessionist ideology or the separation of Caprivi Region from the rest of the Republic of Namibia, Hence, the request of the Organizing Committee members based on the aforesaid provision of the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia, to demonstrate in this regard cannot be approved”, end of quote.

Caprivians in this case followed the right procedures and channels of communication as enshrined in the Namibian Constitution, in that they informed the police and the Ombudsman about their planned peaceful demonstration. Instead of allowing democracy to prevail, SWAPO rejected the people of the Caprivi from exercising their right to free speech and assembly. It is disheartening that while Caprivians are denied free speech, Namibians at the same time were allowed to hold a similar kind of demonstration in Windhoek airing their grievances, a clear case that Caprivians are suppressed and denied their right to free speech and assembly.. .

This is indication clear enough for the international community and the world over to see and interpret what the Namibian regime is all about. If they can go to an extent of violating their own constitution with intent to permanently suppress Caprivians even in a clear case where people of the Caprivi wanted to peacefully air their views, is proof enough that they will stop at nothing but everything to oppress the people of that territory. This is not the beginning but the regime in the past few years also banned the United Democratic Party (UDP) of the Caprivi from operating in the Caprivi Strip. Question is, is there any possibility of a peaceful solution to the Caprivi Strip case?

Who is violent here? If people are deprived of their right to peaceful negotiations, mediation, conciliation or arbitration, then what follows should squarely be blamed on the side that does not want to negotiate. Namibia/Caprivi Strip situation can only be attributed to that of Syria where government is resistant to change but determined to killing their own people. For the past thirteen years, Caprivians under the United Democratic Party (UDP) have been trying to negotiate with Namibia but to no avail. So, just as an extremely pregnant woman tries to give birth naturally, she tries all she can but a bridge has occurred, the doctors will be left with no option but to administer birth through a cesarean way.

We say that intimidation, harassment and interrogations are the work of the devil and the ignorant but desperate politicians. We learnt a few days ago that the few who organized a peaceful demonstration in the Caprivi were interrogated, harassed and intimidated to an extent that they were told to face imprisonment or account for their actions. Our stance on this is that we fear for their lives, but shall hold accountable all the persons who shall engage in such actions regardless of their location in Namibia or elsewhere. We also learnt with dismay that there are certain individuals who plays the part of Judas in this case. There are Caprivian Nationals who acts as agents of the SWAPO regime, in the likes of Mr. Albert Kawana. Please, mind your own business. It is not cleverly, to be an educated illiterate as your actions shall one day come back to haunt you.

There comes a time when even a highly elastic organization in terms of patience snaps. Our hope is that this should not be what the international community approves off, but in this case, they should allow Caprivians to defend themselves against the repressions, suppressions and oppression by the SWAPO regime in Namibia. Just as SWAPO fought and got independence from South Africa, Caprivians have nothing in common with Namibia as our history is very clear on this matter. We shall stop at nothing to achieve self determination leading to the Caprivi independence. The Kaunda plan of 1964, to have the people of Caprivi Strip join hands with the people of South West Africa with long term intent to suppress and dominate them indefinitely and not allowing them to self determine their destiny will work no more. More than ever, we are determined to achieve our destiny regardless of whatever odds.

Caprivi Strip and its people shall be free despite the odds. It is just a matter of time.

UDP Bulela Sicaba Sa Utwa!!!!

Chrispin Mutoiwa
UDP Secretary for Information.

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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