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December 28, 2011
To all our respective viewers and members on this web site, we are thankful for your continued support in this political journey to help resolve the Caprivi Case peacefully. Your overwhelming steady support for the past years, going back to the genesis of this outlet has kept this organization moving forward in the articulation of the plight for Caprivi Strip Self-determination and total freedom, to local, regional, continental, and international communities. It’s our hope and desire that you travel with us as we continue to grow, and expand our message tailored specifically for Caprivi justice, peace, and freedom. We ask you to humbly join us on the expanded outlet; Where you will be provided more options to serve the greater good, through your finances and moral support on discussion forums specifically created for your participation in this democratic political process.

So, please join us and make your contribution making the Caprivi Strip Case a possible undertaking through your social and political articulations over issues that collectively impact the Caprivian people, and consequently the entire global village. Your rich and diverse view points and opinions are encouraged and welcome, in order for us to build a more perfect union that will shape not only the Caprivian community’s prosperity, rather contribute to the greater global good for humanity’s freedoms, justice and peace. It’s humbling to be part of a bigger and greater community geared and determined to foster political change, especially being part of the organization providing that platform to lead, encourage, and facilitate such a noble dialogue far greater than self.

To all fellow Caprivians from all walks of life, whether in the Caprivi Strip, refugees within the continent of Africa or the Diaspora, feel proud and privileged to be a part of the generation that will decide the collective future and prosperity of the Caprivi Strip and her citizens once and for all. You could be the generation that unleashes the greatness of the Caprivi Strip, in areas such as social, cultural, economic, and political; as we put to rest and begin a new chapter of what our great traditional and political leaders started and envisioned for Motherland and her people.

We have reached a milestone in history where as a people we should write our own history, and be engaged in the articulation of our plight through political socialization. This objective can be achieved by unleashing the agents of political socializations such as; the Families, Schools, Religious Institutions, Peer Groups, Social Class, Interest Groups, Political Parties, and Mass Media; to rectify the past collectively in order to win the future. Failure to write this history ourselves means that we will forever be condemned politically and socially as second citizens and subjugated nation by others; who in the absence of our involvement will write our history for us. We can and should change the tides of history back in our folds, to be our own masters and champions of our own destiny. We must heighten activities in scrapping off all political prejudices, social injustices, underdevelopment, and economic stagnation imposed by previous colonial administrations, and which unfortunately has been heightened under the present Namibian regime.

Together we must undertake this obligation to bring about a peaceful and prosperous Caprivi Strip we all desire and dream to live in. Remember countrymen and women, fear should have its limitation, because we cannot keep on living in chains for others to prosper. Fear is a vice not a virtue. Therefore, Freedom is in our reach, if we converge and fiercely stand up and demand our rightful place in the 21st century.

We are the agents for change we seek!

Forward ever and backward never.


Caprivi Justice Action Network

United Democratic Party (UDP)

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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