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December 24, 2011
The year two thousand eleven shall be remembered as a year in which Caprivians seriously and openly focused on unity of purpose. Against all the odds, Caprivians stood firm in their quest for freedom and independence of their motherland, the Caprivi Strip. While Namibia tried hard to discredit, suppress, oppress and even silencing the people of the Caprivi, it proved fruitless on the side of Namibia because Caprivians exposed nearly all the repressions the people of the Caprivi Strip endured under the SWAPO colonization of the Caprivi Strip. Issues like the arrests, detention, torture and extra judicial killings, perpetrated on the people of the Caprivi were pronounced in no uncertain terms.

The calculated political move by SWAPO to eliminate those in prisons and at home in the Caprivi Strip in order to kill the Caprivi Strip case also was strongly raised with no doubts. The subterfuge move by SWAPO to grab Western Caprivi and include it to Namibia’s Kavango region is one other issue that came to the fore. Finally, the issue of repatriation of the people in Dukwi which was followed by a myriad of attempts to go and abduct the people in Dukwi and assassinate Mr. Muyongo and his leadership was averted. In no uncertain terms we brought forward our suggestion of a United Nation organized Referendum as the only appropriate method to be used in the Caprivi Strip Case. To us the year is ending on a high note reminding SWAPO of Namibia to take stock and prepare for their evacuation because Caprivians are coming back in the Caprivi Strip to stay permanently.

We mentioned in our previous article that SWAPO is a black African man’s party that has a black face, but white in illegal deeds. This statement does not come out of the blue, but has many supportive issues that substantively qualifies it to come to the fore. In Africa and as Africans we believe in the philosophy of Ubuntu which literally means "I am, because you are". In other words it means that a person is a person through other people. SWAPO from exile in Zambia had an agreement with the people of the Caprivi Strip and back home in Namibia after a decade of searching through their legal documentations found out that Act 39 (5) of the South West Africa Constitution, Act no 39 of 1968 was clear in that it stated that all laws that were applicable in South West Africa/Namibia, were not applicable in the Caprivi Strip (Zipfel). Instead of being honorable to call Caprivians on a political round table to discuss the exit strategy from the Caprivi Strip, SWAPO of Namibia used their upper hand in power to ignore Caprivians and reverted to suppress and oppress them and went ahead repealing that law without the people of the Caprivi Strip’s consent. They had all the means at their disposal, as a government, to revisit their agreement with CANU/UDP and to call the UDP leadership to a political round table discussion about this matter but chose to oppress and suppress the people of the Caprivi Strip, an action that now affects the entire Caprivian population.

The Caprivi Strip issue has seen many death that could be avoided and still can be avoided if Namibia recognizes that they are in that part of the world not by the will of the people but by force of arms. You need to be told in the face that what you (SWAPO) government are doing is termed as colonization of the Caprivi Strip for the fourth time, and we in the United Democratic Party (UDP) say that it is time you realize that, and leave the Caprivi Strip to its rightful owners. Be democratic and honorable enough to erase the streak of blunders and selfishness exercised by African leaders on their people by allowing for open discussions that could lead to a UN organized referendum to take place in the Caprivi Strip. Stop abducting, kidnapping, torturing and killings of Caprivians and seek to find an amicable and lasting solution to the indefinite detention of all Caprivians.

The stance by SWAPO of Namibia after Caprivian had realized and voiced their concerns over Western Caprivi land that was being grabbed and entrusted in the hands of government when Namibia got independence in 1990 could be true on the side of South West Africa, Namibia, but unconstitutional and illegal in the Caprivi given the fact that the laws that were applicable in South West Africa, Namibia were not and still remains inapplicable to the Caprivi Strip. Unlike Namibia that got independent in 1990, Caprivi is not yet independent and as history depicts that, the Caprivi land belongs to the chiefs that is why there was and still is a great difference as to how land was dealt with in the past colonial history of the two separate countries. Land was sold to the highest bidder in South West Africa, Namibia, whereas the Caprivian land remained intact with the chiefs and was never sold to anyone from the past to the present. So SWAPO should not use their advantages at the moment when they are in power to intimidate Caprivians so as to coerce them into accepting a non existing fact. It is criminal for SWAPO and any one in their government to operate with lies. So your strategy is not only vague but it also lacks the substance of truth in it.

Repatriation, forced or voluntary coupled with missions to go and lure people to go back home or abduct a few to go and testify in the Marathon Treason Trial, and plans to kill Mr. Muyongo and his leadership aimed to kill the Caprivian dream of an independent Caprivi Strip has their shortfalls. It is time you (SWAPO) consider peace in Southern Africa and let the democratic and constitutional means play in matters like this of the Caprivians. Aggression and war is not the ultimate answer to conflict resolution but a gentleman would consider a political round table as the most highly acceptable way to solving problems.

As Caprivians we should consider this cause as a one time opportunity to all the freedoms you can think off. Let us be united in actions and morally to forge our way to freedom and independence of our country, the Caprivi Strip. We are making some inroads and the Freedom Train is moving closer to its destiny, the Caprivi independence. Together we can move mountains and if the mountain does not want to move, we can make them hear our plight. Together we stand and divided we fall.

Forward ever and backward never!!!!

Mishake Muyongo


United Democratic Party (UDP)

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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