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December 1, 2011

TO: Botswana Government
Namibian Government
UNHCR- Botswana


We the Caprivians in Botswana, granted political asylum vehemently dispute in strong terms the peace preached by the Namibian Government in the Caprivi Strip. Unapologetic, we would like to mention that we have nothing to do with the agenda of repatriation or the so called peace in the Caprivi. We are not to be told that there is peace in the Caprivi, We are not waiting for that. When Caprivi shall be free from the Namibian occupation, then we will be in a position to experience peace in the Caprivi.

With due respect, determination and courage the Caprivians in exile would like to inform the Government of Namibia which is ruling the Caprivi by force, the Government of Botswana , the UNHCR office in Botswana representing the United Nations, and the international Community, that we are not in Botswana by mistake or chance, but to liberate our motherland Caprivi.

We came to Botswana not because we were not employed, had no identity Cards, suffering from hunger, development, nor peace which the Namibian Government is preaching while security forces are deployed in the villages. It is to this that, even the abundance of the above mentioned developments and promises shall not at all make us go to Namibia;- but one thing for sure to the Independence of our motherland the Caprivi Strip.

In accordance with the United Nation charter, the right to life, human dignity, and freedom of expressions as enshrined in the charter of which Botswana and Namibia are signatories to these international human rights instruments; for that reason as human beings we consider ourselves protected in accordance with these instruments. Tripartite meetings aimed at GO and SEE, COME and TELL mission and Voluntary repatriation yield no tangible result to this political crisis and therefore we shall be reluctant in future to attend such organised meetings. However, we shall remain open and invite any approach which can lead to permanent solution.

Thirteen (13) years is too much on a none fruitful agenda, especially when you know the rightful approach to the permanent solution of a problem. We would like to emphasise and say if we have rights, then we are not going to be treated like a dry wood.

The Caprivi issue is political problem and must be treated as such. Attempts were made in the past, we agreed to meet Mr. Jerry Ikanjo in 1999, in 2005 we met with the Council of churches of Namibia, in 2006 we met the High Commissioner of Namibia to Botswana Madam Samaria and this year 2011 we have allowed ourselves to meet the Namibian delegation because the Botswana Government wanted so, the fact of the matter is, in all the mentioned meetings we presented our petitions where we outlined suggestions and the rightful approach to the crisis but all in vain, they continually came with one and the same agenda (Voluntary repatriation).

We would like to suggest that the two Governments i.e. Namibia and Botswana should appoint a neural organization which should facilitate and engage in a fact finding mission and later advice the two Governments on their findings. Such organization shall consult both the affected parties and shall have the mandate to recommend to both parties the ultimate solution to the crisis.

The world is surprised to learn the claims laid by the Namibian Government that there is peace in the Caprivi Strip, why? Because how on earth one could believe that, when Our fathers, brothers and cousins are languishing in prison for 12 years with endless trial, mass graves were discovered in the Caprivi up until now the Namibian Government has not and failed to respond to the accuses leveled against them by the International Amnesty.

Many Caprivians were tortured, some are permanently disabled, others were murdered in cold blood while in the prisons, Camps of security forces are established right in the villages, Caprivians are crying because their land is been cut and added to Kavango region but they are silenced not to talk. The United democratic (UDP party) is banned in the Caprivi and its members are hunted like a dog which ate chicken eggs, Caprivians are not allowed to meet in more than five (5) in number, they are followed and suspected of been Muyongo followers. How can one prove peace amidst these enormous terror evidence to which the Caprivians are subjected too.

Namibia claims to be a Democratic Country yet keeping political prisoners who are denied their political rights, at home the Caprivi forum for the future/ civic organizations has written and made several communications to the Government of Namibia requesting for a dialogue but all in vain, where is democracy?


: We demand for a referendum organized by the United Nations.

: We demand for a dialogue between the Namibian Government and the UDP leadership headed by Mr. Albert Mishake Muyongo currently in Denmark.

: We demand for an independent body to prove whether Caprivians want to be part of Namibia.

: High treason is not a criminal offence but a political one; we demand those on treason trial to be tried as political prisoners and freedom fighters.

: We demand the unban of UDP party in the Caprivi Strip.

: We demand that Caprivians be granted their rights to associate and pursue their political belief.

In the interest of peace, Caprivian people shall continue to seek and appeal for an amicable approach to their political issue. The road to freedom is not easy but we are determined and courageous to face any challenges.

Victory Shall Be Ours One Day.

We thank you.

The Caprivian Community in Botswana

Dukwi Refugee Camp

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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