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November 25, 2011
I am a concerned Caprivian and wish to respond to the squad that has been assigned to eliminate Hon.Mishake Muyongo.

Anyway, I am not surprised to learn that the Namibian Government is building up means to get rid of Hon. Muyongo. It’s a known fact that the Namibian government has been hunting him ever since he came in exile. They have sent so many Spies and other specialized groups to do away with him. Assassinating Hon Muyongo is not something that is starting today. He has been on their death roll for years but failing to execute him.

This is a very clear indication that Hon Muyongo is a thorn in the flesh. Imagine the distance from Denmark to Namibia, they still strongly feel uncomfortable and not free because he is still alive. Allow me to give you a short run down of what happened while he was still in Swapo, which was led by Hon. Sam Nujoma as President and Hon. Muyongo as Vice President. During his entire life in Swapo Hon Muyongo was hunted left and right but with the mercy of God he survived all these barbaric attempts which was orchestrated by Swapo leadership. So many trials of eliminating him were organized but they failed till at long last when they parted ways in 1980.

Back home in 1989 Swapo proceeded with their evil plans of plotting him. During the election campaign of 1989, his house in Katima Mulilo was turned to be a shooting range, nearly every week hand grenades were thrown on his house. They planted mines around his Services station that was known as Zambezi Shell and even mounted some on the walls of the building but none exploded.

Roadblocks were mounted from Katima Mulilo to Windhoek in an attempt to shoot him; unfortunately none of them could see him. They laid ambushes from Katounyana Camp to Windhoek but they could not recognize him. His hotel room in Continental hotel (Windhoek) was blown out by explosives, but still more they could not find him. After realizing that, they were failing, they resorted to witchcraft for him to die in a car accident, they totally failed too, and beaten hands down in their secret agendas. A powerful hand of the Founding Father of Namibia was also much involved in this case though all plan of eliminating Hon. Muyongo are born and initiated in his office. They employed all the necessary means and methods of eliminating him but by the grace of God he is still live and kicking.

A word of caution, there is a say which says “Muzumi wa litou u bulaiwa ki litou" which means an elephant hunter is simply killed by elephants. Your end result will be bad news for you. You be very carefull,-you might be sitting on time bomb. Why has Hon. Muyongo been a target for Swapo ever since from 1960 when they signed a political merger? Find out and let me know.

If the whole idea is to assassinate Hon. Muyongo with the view to destroy the future ambitions of the independence of Caprivi then you might be riding a wrong horse. Can anyone today change the history of Caprivi that has been in existence for couple of centuries? Please, go back to your drawing board and start afresh. You sound to lack quality leadership. In this modern world, we say little knowledge speaks about people while Great mind speaks about issues.

For your own information, Hon. Muyongo was born for a purpose in Caprivi. It’s like Jesus who was born to come and save you and me for our sins; therefore Hon Muyongo has to accomplish his mission for the toiling masses of Caprivi before he leaves this world. He is our Hero, beacon, the foundation of our history and an anchor for all Caprivians.Take cognizance’s of that.

Take it from me; you will fail in all your psychotic endeavors. If God be for us all, then who are you to terminate someone’s life? Be mindful that no stone will remain on top of the other. That is backward looking, paranoid accompanied with conspiracy and madness.

Don't run away from the truth Caprivi Strip doesn't belong to Namibia, it’s our motherland and soon it will be in our hands. The distant vibration of Hon. Muyongo you are currently feeling down there should serve as an eye opener to everybody at home particularly to the government of Namibia. Be aware of the fact that the international watch dogs are closely monitoring the situation, therefore don't panic we will move side by side with you. Don't chicken away. He who touches shit suffers from the smell.

For those who are taken for a ride by the government of Namibia should begin to put up spotlights to enable them to see from a distance, otherwise it’s not too late for you to open up your eyes and change for the better; because you will live to regret when the wind of change sweeps the streets of Katima Mulilo.

In strong terms and with emphasis I would like to send a strong message of condolences to Mr. Cletius Sipapela and his entrounge that, soon you will be six feet deep. And you seem to champion and spearheading the move and happen to know much about the Caprivians’ in exile. Mr. Sipapela you must be frankly told that you are the second head of the delegation that is trying to assassinate Hon Muyongo for the good reasons best known by you. You are kindly advised to step down otherwise your future is blink and very soon if not tomorrow people will be stepping on your grave. Shame to you and be assured that you will die young. It’s not late to begin shaping your future perhaps your fellow Caprivians you are betraying today might save you from your capsizing boat.

Sometimes give yourself quality time to revisit reservoirs of proverbs commonly used by our highly respected Caravans. We have a say that says “I nkanda ka i litwikwa". And be aware that there is full evidence that reveals that you actively participated in the judiciary killing, summary execution and many more missing Caprivians as from 1999 to date. Your name is painted and littered with a lot of broken glasses. Take stock of your own future and draw a conclusion otherwise time is drawing very fast and your Founding Father will be nowhere to be seen.

I really fail to understand the kind of education some people have undergone; we have literate minded people who are almost brain washed and being used to turn against their fellow country-men. Without mercy they continue to support suppressive laws which affect the lives of their own people and claim to be Doctors in law.

With regard to Dr Kawana I should mention here that I had high respect for you but now have totally lost confidence and fail to understand your logic. I seriously protest the manner in which you respond to political statements even though it’s quite clear for me that, if you cannot do better in your own profession, how can you be a star in politics. How can you compare a well documented Agreement to a Toyota? Dr Kawana, I would therefore like to ask you a question. Who are you to demand a Political Merger which was signed by Hon. Muyongo?

In an interview with the Caprivi Vision Newspaper you mentioned and I quote:"Dr Kawana challenged the CapriviLeader (Muyongo) to come with the document where the agreement was signed and was reminded to produce it. Where is it”? With due respect Dr Kawana I would like to inform you that, honesty doesn't kill though it’s bitter to swallow.

If the current President of Namibia Hon. Pohamba cannot temper to demand the Merger from Hon Muyongo simply because the president Hon. Pohamba) in 1998, was on air and in newspapers when he openly admitted that their copy referring to the Political Merger got destroyed when the Liberation Center was leveled to ground by the enemies in Lusaka. And he went on lamenting that Hon. Muyongo was clever because he kept his copy at the house. These were President Pohamba’s words expressed in English and not in Oshiwambo where one could have doubted of having not understood what was said.

In most of the historical books of Namibia a Merger between Swapo and Canu is mentioned even in Hon. Sam Nujoma’s biography it’s categorically stated. What else again do you need from Hon. Muyongo? You should go back to your Presidents and tell them they made a chaotic mistake of spilling the beans and to conceal the truth would have tantamount to crime against humanity.

I absolutely agree with Prof: Diascho in his statement with the Caprivi Vision where he mentioned and I quote "If a person doesn't know whether a man or woman is -such a person cannot play a meaningful role in a society as such a person is confused of with his own identity". You are the kind of people he was referring to. The point I am driving home is that, if up to this point in time Dr Kawana cannot believe and accept that a Political Merger was signed in Lusaka on the 5 November 1964, then something should be wrong upstairs; and perhaps I would recommend you to be suspended and an independent team of investigators be launched. Because you seem not to understand your job description and by implication you are saying President Pohamba’s admission was a grave mistake. Mind your language that is an insult.

I find it to be null and void to compare a Political Merger to a Toyota. Sometimes we should behave like professionals. If you have a personal vendetta with Hon. Muyongo then that is something else but the truth remains he signed the Merger on behalf of Canu who do you think could have signed? Dr Kawana I would like to remind you that, you once headed a delegation to the International Court of Justice on the controversial issue of Kasikili/sedudu between Namibia and Botswana. Unfortunately you lost the case after having spent a lot of million that could have helped in the development of the country. After your own post-mortem what do you perceive could have been the reason of your failure? The answer is very simple, you have never been historian and it’s my strong conviction that you will never be and the quality of evidence that was compiled wasn't sufficient enough to convince the Hon. Court. In your own view can a blind man be able to lead another blind man, the answer is NO. The information that was fed to your Legal team was too superficial. And nerve of the matter to be recognized in this situation was that Botswana whether you like it or not stood to be on the safe side because Caprivi was once part of Botswana than Namibia. It’s only of recent when you stood up in your personal capacity to incorporate Caprivi without the consent of the people which is a crime against the will of the Caprivians.

I would therefore, like to end up by requesting the Namibian Government to bravely come up with the way forward on the issue of Caprivi than resorting to assassinating others. I know and I am sure that none can challenge Hon. Muyongo as far as the Caprivi case is concerned. I am saying so because in 1994 general election an arrangement between Hon Mishake Muyongo and the former President Hon Sam Nujoma was done to hold a talk show that was to be televised by Windhoek unfortunately Hon. Sam Nujoma developed cold feet and his Prime Minister to took over. Hon Hage Geingob who showed interest from the early beginning also went into habitation, no wonder why he is leading the team of Assassins. But nevertheless this did not stop Hon.Muyongo to proceed with the program and he did it and boys of Lubango suffered a serious setback.

I challenge the leadership of Swapo to come forward and face the reality on a round table with Hon Muyongo and see if you will not be beaten hands down. That is why you are resorting to assassinate him because you know deep down that you are failures. I don't even dream of you Dr Kawana because you are still an amateur in the World of Politics. We need Heavy weight, seasoned and well-groomed Politicians of high caliber. Not self-styled Politicians with chicken brains.

WE need a referendum in the Caprivi Strip don't impose yourself to the people. You are rejects what have you done for the poor Caprivians. We call on peace loving nations and all international organizations to continue pressurizing the Namibian Government to come up with viable alternatives of solving the issue of Caprivi.

See you soon.
From: Mr. Silubumbila (Son of the Soil)

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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