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November 13, 2011

Here it is countrymen and the world over; Namibia purports to be democratic whereas in reality they are wolves in a sheep skin. The SWAPO and government of Namibia not only planned but deployed two groups, one platoon comprised of ten trained assassins led by Cletius Shaweke Sipapela was to operate in countries like Canada, USA, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Australia and Britain; and the other platoon led by Evans Simasiku was sent to abduct Caprivian refugees in Dukwi, Botswana to go and testify in the Caprivi marathon treason trial. This comes before the ink of what the justice minister and SWAPO Secretary General Mrs. Invula Ithana once spoke about in the Sun, a Namibian newspaper of May 18th 2011, where she was quoted as saying that Caprivians facing high treason charges in Namibia are victims of Muyongo who avoided his arrest by fleeing from Namibia to a third country. Again Mrs. Invula Ithana was also quoted in the Namibian New Era of June 29, 2011 as saying that “We are not Americans, we cooperate with other countries, and we do not commit extra-judicial crimes, such as going into other countries jurisdiction and kidnapping people”.

What is happening now? Is this what the Namibian justice Minister refers to as cooperation with other countries? We do not think so, the action of sending the Sipapela platoon to Europe, Australia, Canada and USA, and the Simasiku platoon to Dukwi and Gaborone in Botswana, not only constitute a plot to commit extra judicial killings and kidnapping of people from sovereign States but also it is an intent to commit an act of war? What is interesting in these actions is that they are similar to the recent plans of assassinating the Saudi Arabia Ambassador to the United States. These countries where SWAPO and government of Namibia have deployed these assassins are sovereign countries and their actions of pursuing to kill refugees outside the Namibian borders constitutes to an act of war against those sovereign States because all refugees in those States are subjects and protected by the laws in those countries.

The saying that goes as; show me your friend and I will know who you are, is now believed to be true in Namibia today. Namibia has become a safe heaven for at least two of the most feared militant jihadist Islamic groups. According to the Namibian Society for Human Rights Press Statement of November 2, 2011, NamRights challenged the Pohamba Administration to deny or confirm that at least two of the world's most feared militant jihadist Islamic groups are operative in Namibia with the full knowledge, consent, tolerance or acquiescence of some of the highest political principals in the country. NamRights is in possession of credible information, which affords any reasonable person to believe that Hezbollah and al-Shabab militants have been operating in Namibia for several years with the protection of some of the highest members of Namibia's ruling elite.

In the hindsight, the above statement is information enough to indicate that even Al-Qaeda could be operating in Namibia given the speech of Dr. Niikondo (Mrs. Ithana’s recruit) and lecturer at the Namibian Technical College (Technicon) who seem to be an Al Qaida operative in Namibia. Niikondo was quoted in the Namibian New Era of May 10, 2011 accusing the Americans of being hypocrites. “Only when you kill an American are you a terrorist, but if you kill another national you are a fugitive”. He said that if someone killed Americans and hid in Namibia, the country would be attacked.

SWAPO killed many Caprivians in exile including the likes of late Mr. Likokoto, Greenwell Matongo to name but a few. All those who went in exile in the 80s in the likes of Simataa, a brother to Mr. Eugene Simataa, Phelem Mwazi a brother to the late Paddy Mwazi and many others perished without trace. They were killed by SWAPO in an attempt to fuse or silence the Caprivi CANU case. Once a killer is loose his killing instinct comes back and he kills again. SWAPO has now resorted to the mode of killing again just as they used to do in exile. If Caprivians say they are not part of Namibia and they want out and independent from Namibia; and Namibia say no, Caprivi is part of Namibia; why not finding the middle ground to the stalemate? Why not use constitutional and peaceful means that are enshrined in the UN and AOU (AU) charters and the constitution of the land to resolve the conflict rather than resorting to killing people? Does it mean that SWAPO and government of Namibia have run out of ideas about the Caprivi Strip case that is why they want to abduct and kill Caprivians?

To the UNHCR in Botswana; is this current situation on the ground in Namibia conducive enough to return Caprivian refugees back home? You were wrong once again, to decide to return Caprivian refugees to their deaths. Namibia has a reputation of killing their own people and the only logical and lasting solution to the Caprivi Strip Case is by way of a United Nation organized referendum where Caprivians shall decide their own fate and destiny.

To the assassins themselves, we say remember that some of you are Caprivians paid some money to go and kill your brothers and countrymen. We know that Judas was paid only three dollars to betray his master, Jesus Christ but he was never forgiven for his sins. Whether you like it or not the Caprivi freedom train is now sailing nearer and closer to its destiny and your sins shall never be forgiven and later alone forgotten, remember that. To the people at home, we say that we live together and die together; you know what to do and most importantly, never leave an enemy behind.

We here therefore appeal to all those governments and sovereign countries where Namibia sent their platoon of assassins; countries in Europe, Australia, Canada, United States of America and Botswana to act on Namibia’s bizarre behavior of pursuing refugees outside their country’s borders.

UDP, Bulela sicaba sa utwa!!!!

Chrispin Mutoiwa

UDP Secretary for Information

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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