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November 3, 2011
In trying to bring out our perspective regarding Mr. Nangolo’s response to Sumunda’s questions, whom we also believe is a Caprivian using a pseudo name, it is our belief that Mr. Nangolo was very much objective in his choice of words, which is a good thing to all the readers out there. He is a visionary whose advices shall echo in the ears of many for many years to come. He was right to bring out the question of late Mr. Brenden Simbwae’s demise, whom the world knows to have been captured and later killed by the South African Apartheid regime. We know that the late CANU’s first President was a sacrificial lamb whose death was orchestrated by Mr. Nujoma after their meeting in Lusaka. The same fate nearly befell Mr. Muyongo in the planned trip to and from Windhoek where Mr. Nujoma falsely accuses Mr. Muyongo for faking illness whereas the cunning SWAPO President wanted his vice President dead in order to consolidate power.

Mr. Nangolo could also be partially correct to say that the 1964 merger between SWAPO and CANU might even have betrayed the question of Caprivi as a separate entity from Namibia. He further said that it looked more like the dissolution of CANU in favor of forming one organization, SWAPO, rather than a treaty between two parties, which are of equal force and/or strength. Here is what we know; CANU under the leadership of Mr. Muyongo ostensibly merged with the people of South West Africa on the basis believed to be that of fighting the common enemy, the South African Apartheid regime that was colonizing the two countries. This fact was substantiated by the fact that no CANU card carrying member was to relinquish his affiliation and/or his card in order to be in SWAPO; and that at the attainment of independence the people of the Caprivi be asked whether to join Namibia or remain independent, an issue that remains the borne of contention to this day.

It is also a fact that the United Nation (UN), the African Union (AU) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) are all government organizations that were formed by governments to protect their own self interests. But what the writer failed to mention was the fact that SWAPO and all other organizations, successful or not, were simple formed by ordinary people who worked their way through and made their cases heard. Likewise Caprivians shall work their way through, and one way or the other make the world comprehend their plight.

Let us correct the writer who mentioned that there is no serious group, at the moment, which is fighting for Caprivi independence or autonomy, in the manner other liberation movements did, such as SPLM (South Sudan or those of Eritrea). In as much as everybody knows that others like the mentioned countries have achieved their destiny through other means, a caesarian way is not out of question, but other options are now being considered in the Caprivi Strip case. To mention that there is no serious group fighting for the Caprivi Strip at the moment in the first place could be interpreted by many as an insult to those out in exile fighting for the Caprivi Strip’s independence, but history is a better teacher as far as this is concerned. On the other hand, it is an understatement because even liberated countries like Egypt, Tunisia, and others, people liberated themselves through and by the power of social media.

The Caprivi Strip territory is not similar to any area or place in Namibia; its history is unique, in that it underwent different administrations, a case compared to none other territory in Namibia. In as much as others believe that the merger between SWAPO and CANU gave more power to SWAPO than it did to CANU, we believe that, that is the reason why Caprivians are out fighting to correct all the ills and disadvantages the Caprivi Strip and its people have suffered thus far. Comparing SWANU to CANU is to us a non starter in that the abbreviation SWANU stands for South West African National Union. It was and is a party formed by people from South West Africa and there is no way in heaven and on earth through which it could be disintegrated from the country Namibia. Whereas, the Caprivi African National Union (CANU), was a party formed by Caprivians for Caprivians in the Caprivi Strip and not for South West Africa.

People of South West Africa (Namibia) should ask themselves questions why Namibia under SWAPO repealed Article 39(5) of the constitution of South West Africa, act 39 of 1968. This was done without the consent of all Caprivians which makes their actions null and void. Secondly, why is Namibia shifting the border line of the Caprivi Strip from Andara/Mukuvi to where the plate board is placed right now? Is there any other place in Namibia where that heinous act has been seen done? The answer to this is none; it is only done in the Caprivi, and reason being that SWAPO wants to extend its jurisdiction to the Caprivi Strip.

The people of South West Africa knows that Caprivi could easily be part of Zambia or Botswana and they are exploiting the chance they now have to disintegrate and destroy the people of the Caprivi and its resources so that when other neighboring countries wake up nothing is left in terms of resources in the Caprivi Strip. The question to be asked by all Caprivians is why in the disputes between Namibia and Botswana (the Kasisikili/Sedudu case) did Namibia loose? The answer is simple; Caprivi was once ruled as part of Botswana and can easily be reclaimed by that country, and so is Barotseland.

UDP, Bulela Sicaba Sa Utwa!!!!

Chrispin Mutoiwa

Secretary for Information

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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