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October 31, 2011
The Namibian President is rated number five in Africa, what criteria do they use when rating these African presidents? What roads have he done for Caprivi or Namibia? We in Caprivi don’t see anything. Our town is just full of dust this time of the year; when it’s the rainy season our annual Olympics kick off, but only in long jump. There are lakes in the town centre, gravel roads turn into rivers, yet people claim that there have been developments. Are we going to attain vision 2030 if this is 2011 and we are still that far behind in most parts of the country? If Namibian was only the central part and the central northern regions then beyond no doubts I could stand tall and say the president is developing the infrastructures of the country. But Namibian is not just those areas. We understand why he does not develop Caprivi because Caprivi was never; it is not and will never be part of Namibia.

There is the southern part where people die of cold; crime is high, draught, unstable infrastructures. In Caprivi the new infrastructures we see are those of private investors not the government. Come on; is that how the Swapo Party Manifesto, the National Development Plans and the Vision 2030 strategy and plans works? Unequally distributing of resources? LET CAPRIVI BE GOVERNED BY CAPRIVIAN! They are the only people who can develop Caprivi. How many years have now past by, 20 years, Caprivi have depreciated over these years.

The government claims it use of the motto “one Namibia one nation”. I personally believe that the motto have just been used in media, since there are media advisors for the president I’m very sure that one of their major responsibility is to see to it that the president is at his best during media presentations. Keep this in mind the next time you advise the president. ‘’be true to what you say in medias’’ what is said in medias should not be the opposite of what is done. The president should tell the world the situation of the country, why is it a crime in Namibia to talk about Mr Muyongo (president of UDP)? Because the truths will be known by every Caprivians and Namibian, the truth is that we are Caprivians not Namibians. Namibian history is not told in full because some issues are not told.

I quote Mr. Mukwaita’s words in the his article in the Namibian newspaper “When President Pohamba took office in 2005 he made it clear to all and sundry that we will continue to devise programmes and projects aimed at meeting the expectations and aspirations of our people who have consistently given the Swapo Party the mandate to govern since independence”. Swapo party scored well in Caprivi in the past presidential election, but how many programmes and projects have been done for the people of Caprivi, the Zambezi water front? Come on, that thing have been there for years now but no relevant progress. What was that when Mr. Pohamba came to see the water front, the year he was saying that the man in charge told him that they are still busy underground with pipes and electrical wires. He said he will come back the following year. Did he come back? Maybe when we were all asleep, no one saw him coming back for the water front. Is that what you call good leadership? Is that what he meant by continue to devise programmes and projects aimed at meeting the expectation and aspiration of the people? We expected him to come back not to forget that he said he will come back to inspect to progress of the project. Good leaders do not forget their duties.

Let me discuss four values of a good president with you. There are president who are Born Leader: Throughout society, there are people who fit into the role of leadership with ease. Whether it's a corporate executive, a university Chancellor, or a Namibian President, these leaders are recognized by their ability to jump to the occasion, their flexibility and adaptability to overcome any obstacle, and their ability to encourage others to follow them. Finally, a good leader has the courage to stand up and make decisions without flinching, and then lead the way in that direction without hesitation. These are the traits that make a person a born leader.

Responsible: Some people follow the rules because someone is watching. Other people follow the rules because it's the right thing to do. But a third class of people follows only the rules that are moral and just, and they work to change the rules that are not. This third group of people is the ones who stand above the majority of society with their ability to recognize injustice within communities and government that have become socially acceptable even though they are wrong. A person's ability to recognize injustice and immorality despite the general consensus of the day makes them truly responsible.

Courage: True courage is often difficult to spot. Most often it requires that a person is tested in battle. In those critical moments of life and death, this is when that trait either shines, or it becomes apparent that it never existed in the first place. Many soldiers will report that courage shows up in people who they never would have expected. While other people who they would have thought would be the most courageous, become whimpering fools under fire. It is for this reason that so many former military men became president in their later years. Once a person has been tested on the battlefield, there is no question whether or not they have the critical trait of courage that makes for such a great leader and President.

Merciful and Wise: While a good leader must be brave and courageous, a much more critical trait of a true leader is mercy and wisdom. This mercy should be reflected in an individual’s ability to see the humanity in every human being, regardless of race, creed, or nationality. And the wisdom is reflected in understanding the deeper cause of hatred and fear, and knowing the course of action that serves the greater good, even if it is not the best solution in the short term. Ultimately, when a leader has this kind of wisdom, the outcomes of his or her decisions are always for the best, and the nation with such a leader will greatly prosper.

To the Namibian Nation, evaluate President Pohamba upon the above four value, you may use more good leadership values that you know of. I personally believe that president Pohamba is not fit to be president. Let us fight for Caprivi and Mr Muyongo and our fellow brave Caprivians to return home.

UDP bulela sicaba sa utwa!!!!

By Nalisa .N. Muyahi

UDPLY vice chairperson

Source: United Democratic Party (UDPYL)

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