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September 26, 2011

It is despicable for the SWAPO government of Namibia to forcibly grab land from the people of the Caprivi. During the SWAPO struggle Nujoma and his henchmen used to say that imperialists were exploiting extracting resources from their land and using them for their own ends. They used to say colonizers took their land from them, based on domination and subordination. We believe that that was true then and now. You see, neo-colonialism and imperialism tactics match perfectly as both are targeting to grab land from its rightful owners and use it for their self interests. It was even slightly better when it was practiced by foreigners who never permanently occupied the African territories. Today as we speak, the same principle tactics that were used by the colonizers has become the perfect tool the SWAPO government is using against Caprivians.

We once mentioned that during the SWAPO liberation struggle, they (SWAPO) had it in black and white that at the attainment of independence, Caprivian land would be used as farm land; and that all the people there would be resettled to Namibia. It has now become crystal clear that their intentions are not only to exploit the natural and human resources in the Caprivi Strip, but to take away their land. Namibia has vast land and need not to grab land from the Caprivi territory which is small in comparison to theirs. Land is what the Caprivian struggle is all about and we shall not rest until it is returned back to its rightful owners.

To the people at home in the Caprivi Strip, we say stand up and fight for what is rightfully yours. In the words of the late Bantu Steve Biko fighting could mean confrontation without violence. Namibia say we are divided in the Caprivi Strip, and we in the United Democratic Party (UDP) say that is an imperialist tactic used by a black man to maximize his power arrogance over the people. In fact we are one people whose ancestral blood line is intertwined. The South African apartheid regime used the tactics of divide and rule that they created those divisions in their quest to better control us. Now, SWAPO finds opportunity in those set ups to steal away our land and pride as a people. They are the ones who steer the unrest in order to find a way to grab land. We really appreciate the endeavors of the few who has opened their eyes to work against SWAPO’s move to extort land from Caprivians. Please, that is the only way to do it. Western Caprivi is Caprivian land and not Kavango 2 or whatever they put out there as a pseudo name.

It is our belief that SWAPO has turned to neo-imperialism in the Caprivi Strip because their actions are distinguished by an unprecedented pursuit of territorial acquisitions of land. The British were there and never acquired land from the Caprivi Strip; the Germans were there and they too never acquired land from Caprivians. Lastly, the South African apartheid regime was there but they also never took land from Caprivians without consultation. Now, what makes you an exception to change the status quo in the Caprivi Strip? This was the reason why the United Democratic Party (UDP) went out in exile to fight for their motherland, the Caprivi Strip.

The Caprivi Strip territory is a land that stretches from Andara via Mukuvi to the Botswana Caprivi border in the west; separated by a cutline border between Angola and the Strip in the north west; a cutline border in the north and in the north east by the River Zambezi; and in the south and south east the Rivers Kwandu and Chobe serves as its borders. Your action is uncalled for and need to be immediately reversed because you do not have jurisdiction over the Caprivian land and its people.

Finally, we appeal to all peace loving countries including the South African and Botswana governments to look and find a lasting solution to the Caprivi Strip Case. We need no piece of land from Namibia but the demarcated territory called the Caprivi Strip.

UDP, Bulela Sicaba Sa Utwa!!!!

Chrispin Mutoiwa
UDP Secretary for Information

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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