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July 5, 2011
In our previous article we had indicated that Mr. Pohamba owes Caprivians an explanation as to why he cannot solve the Caprivi Strip Case. We portrayed the fact that the people of South West Africa (Namibia) had in Lusaka, Zambia in 1964 joined hands with the people of the Caprivi Strip to wage a war against their common enemy by then, the apartheid South Africa. Again we had mentioned that article 39(5) of the constitution of South West Africa, act 39 of 1968 was repealed by the Namibian parliament without Caprivians’ consent as we were already in exile seeking independence for our motherland. We reiterated the fact that if Namibia was a democratic country it has the obligation and option of asking Caprivians in a form of a United Nation organized referendum whether or not they want to be independent.

Instead of looking into matters that affects Namibia, Mr. Puhamba chose the luxury of travelling at the tax payers’ expense while the masses are suffering. Of recent in June we heard that President Pohamba had travelled to Madagascar to go and solve that country’s problem. How on earth could he do that while leaving problems pilling at home in his backyard? For the past twelve years Caprivians have been incarcerated in the Namibian prisons. Their case have been postponed God knows how many times now. Each time the judiciary wanted to take a decision on the matter, the executive stepped on the brakes for the case not to go any further. We wonder why Madagascar could not question his visit to their country because we believe he went there to destabilize the peace the country had seen thus far.

It is imperative to mention here that ignoring the Caprivi Strip Case won’t make the case go away, but will bring about Namibia’s democracy discredited in the international arena. Many people in the Namibian prisons are fathers, brothers, cousins, and breadwinners whose lives were curtailed when they were arrested. For twelve consecutive years they could not support their families and let alone see to their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers demise and burials. Fighting for independence is not a crime but human rights issue which everyone who suffers under a brutal regime like SWAPO has the right to seek freedom and liberation from such sufferings.

The SWAPO regime of Namibia has been afraid to give Caprivians the benefit of doubt by allowing a referendum to take place in the Caprivi Strip. Instead government is using its power to further oppress the people. They have deployed the tactic of divide and rule by disintegrating the people there. It looks like the Ovambo government in Namibia knows only to divide the people and derail development to Ovamboland.

Coming to the crux of the matter, we have learnt that Mrs. Ithana has recruited a lecturer at the Namibian Technical College (Technicon) by the name of Dr. Andrew Niikondo who both seem to be Al Qaida operatives in Namibia. Niikondo was quoted in the Namibian New Era of May 10, 2011 accusing the Americans of being hypocrites. “Only when you kill an American are you a terrorist, but if you kill another national you are a fugitive.” He said that if someone killed Americans and hid in Namibia, the country would be attacked. “But Mishake Muyongo, who killed thousands of people in Caprivi, is in Denmark and is considered an international fugitive.”

This is void of the truth as Mr. Muyongo never murdered anyone in Namibia or elsewhere at any given point. This conspiracy is considered as character assassin on the part of Mr. Muyongo, a ploy for the two to gain advantage. He has not done anything wrong in Namibia at all. By seeking the Caprivi Strip’s independence it is his human right that should not and cannot be taken away from him. Just like Nujoma sought independence of Namibia Mr. Muyongo is also doing the same. .Born in 1962 Niikondo is too young to know why Mr. Muyongo has been consistently fighting to liberate the Caprivi. We wonder what type of education Niikondo has been imparting to his students, but as an academician he lacks the credibility for the Ph.D degree he was conferred. It looks like his thesis was based on Al Qaeda operations and he is teaching students how to assassinate people and how to execute extra judiciary killings, etc. As a lecturer you were supposed to concentrate on educating people but if you choose to be a politician then leave the civil service position you now have.

On the other hand Mrs. Invula Ithana was also quoted in the Namibian New Era of June 29, 2011 as saying that “We are not Americans, we cooperate with other countries, we do not commit extra-judicial crimes, such as going into other countries’ jurisdiction and kidnapping people.” This statement was said in support of Dr. Niikondo’s utterances.
It is a known fact that we live in a global village but Namibians should be careful not to indulge themselves in security matters that involve other nations and has nothing to do with their country at all. We believe Mrs. Invula and Niikondo who so relentlessly defend the late Osama Bin-Laden could be Al Qaeda tentacles in Namibia. It is advisable that for Namibians who would want to understand the history and geography of the Caprivi should look no further than asking Caprivians themselves. You know nothing about the people of the Caprivi Strip, their history and their geography is self evident that they are not Namibians.

You see, Mr. Muyongo is not and has never been a murder. His leaving the Caprivi in 1999 had to do with the warrant of arrest that was issued by the SWAPO regime in Namibia. In Lusaka Zambia, the SWAPO party at the instruction of Mr. Nuyoma requested the Zambian government under President Kaunda to arrest Mr. Muyongo, a situation that wanted to repeat itself in Namibia in 1998. He left the country not for fear of murdering a person but for fear of being persecuted because of his beliefs that Caprivi Strip was a separate territory from Namibia, and that it needed a separate State independent from that of Namibia.

To give you a synopsis of what transpired in exile; this is some of the trailers to what befell Caprivians and others. All was working well after the merger but as time went by Caprivians started missing without trace, but the death of a renowned PLAN combatant; Greenwell Matongo did not go un-noticed. He died because a bomb was planted on the seat of his official truck. In Angola as was reported by human rights groups, amnesty international and many other organizations; dungeons were dug and used as prisons for the so called South African spies who were purported to have infiltrated SWAPO. Many were imprisoned tortured and killed. Some were buried alive at the time when SWAPO expatriated back home in Namibia in 1989. You should not also forget that it was reported in 1989 that “comrade Nujoma had commanded his PLAN combatants to walk into Namibia and take over government by force, an undertaking that was proved fatal that 200 or more PLAN freedom fighters lost their lives, a situation that could be avoided as the UN resolution was already taking effect.

Many mass graves were found in Angola by the Human Rights groups and were documented as being perpetrated by the SWAPO and Angolan regimes. Furthermore in western Caprivi numerous mass graves were discovered by the Human Rights group in places like Cheto, Bwabwata, Omega and others. In the Namibian prisons, twenty people have so far been killed by the Namibian regime by food poisoning. A tax driver was murdered in cold blood in the Caprivi and one prisoner was shot at by the Namibian police force. If this happened many undocumented killings did take place in the Caprivi and Namibia should allow the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to investigate these murders. In all these instances SWAPO government under Mr. Nujoma was responsible for those murders. No wonder some SWAPO members were given the names of the “Butcher of Lubango, etc”.

SWAPO party is used to the system of killing people and not Mr. Muyongo, as the above information could attest to that. Again nowhere was it reported that thousands of people were killed in war between the CLA and the Namibian army. If it happened the Namibian government never revealed that classified information and we do not know who to believe at this moment. In a war it is known that people die and it is not considered as murder in terms of international protocols.

Mr. Nujoma, Mr. Pohamba and Namibia at large; what are you afraid off and why are you scared to the tooth to have a UN organized referendum in the Caprivi Strip? Many countries have tried it and they either won or lost. South Africa gave you a chance by allowing elections to take place in Namibia and you should do the same to Caprivians.

UDP Bulela Sicaba Sa Utwa.

Chrispin Mutoiwa
UDP Secretary for Information


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