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April 21, 2011
Today 2011-04-20

We the Caprivi Youth League in Botswana would like to know from the following organizations how many lives should we Caprivians in particular loose in the hands of the Alien forces before our plea is attended too. ORGANIZATIONS: (AU) African Union (UN) United Nations (IHR) International Human Rights

So far we had lost 20 lives in the hands of the same alien forces, whilst in custody. We would like the above mentioned organizations, to assist in finding a lasting solution and engage in International qualified doctor to conduct an autopsy and forensic examinations on the cause of death of all our people who are dying mysterious death in the Namibian prison during their long endless trail being held in a foreign land without proper investigation to the cause of their deaths, these freedom fighters are kept behind bars for real cause.

But Namibian government says they are criminals just because they are fighting for freedom. So, why SWAPO is today ruling Namibia if they were criminals during the liberation struggle of Namibia.

We the United Democratic Party Youth League in Botswana would like to encourage our fellow Caprivian Youth at home and Diaspora to stand united and strongly condemn these violent inhuman conditions of our political prisoners.

We want all Caprivian Youth compatriots to fight together this yoke of divide and rule of the Namibian government. In 1972 Caprivi had its own parliament, National Flag and National Anthem, which we want to be exhibited and raised in Caprivi.
We thank all Caprivians for their continuity residence against the element of divide and rule of the SWAPO led government.

Caprivians were ever you are in this world lets fight together to liberate our motherland Caprivi from the Namibian Iron fist government.

The Namibian Commissioner to Botswana Mr. Timothy Hadino Hishongwa, Permanent Secretary to the Office of the President in Botswana Mr. Makgonazotle and UNHCR Chief of Mission in Botswana would like to notify your respected offices that voluntary repatriation, Integration and resettlement will never-ever mean-durable solution to our case.

We have a political question that needs political answers... Mr. Hishongwa promises should be directed to those street job seekers of Namibian boys and girls of his motherland. Us Caprivians we are not here in Botswana because of work, development or Agriculture but Independence is our daily case.

We are not going to listen to any propaganda from Namibia. Hence it should be born in mind that if independence is not reached, we the Caprivian Youth shall never give the SWAPO led government rest.

We ask the AU, UN and IHR to step into our case by intervening or assist by taking the case to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to prove internationally who say the truth about Caprivi or to test the people of Caprivi by REFERENDUM.

We know we have a genuine case, but others can't just comprehend why this case has taken so long. Our people are languishing in the foreign prisons of Namibia for such a long period of time without a fair trial, which we regard as not travesty of justice and unconstitutional but also procedurally flawed in many great respect.


Youth League Secretary
Masamu Roysen (Mr)
Sent via Post Office Box from exile

Source: United Democratic Party (UDP)

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