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Caprivi Strip Case
March 3, 2011
In our previous communications we indicated that Caprivi was and is an open detention Camp. The Namibian government has instilled fear among all Caprivians that they now choose to sleep during the day and turn guards during the nights for fear of police arrests and torture. We also mentioned that a police interrogation office was established in Benjamin Bebi location. This office is still operational at least even for now. The government has increased the number of officers there to maximize their operation in the Caprivi.

We would like to sound a warning to the SWAPO led government of Namibia that it is time they look around the world to see and understand the political paradigms and dynamics some countries had experienced in a short period of time. It is not considered cowardice to listen to people’s aspirations and quest for freedom, but honorable when tackling a problem before it escalates into an insurmountable issue to solve.

The Caprivi Strip Case is about freedom and independence. Caprivi Strip is not part of Namibia as history is a better teacher in this regard. We consider that SWAPO and government of Namibia’s occupation of the Caprivi Strip is illegal and unconstitutional. The people of the Caprivi have no social contract with the government of Namibia as article 39(5) of the constitution of South West Africa, act 39 of 1968 is clear on this matter. Every law the people have not ratified in person is null and void, it is in fact, not a law.

Some countries have become newly born Nation States because they believed in the first place that what divides them is minor to what unites them as a people. We see development in many parts of Namibia, and each time and year nothing comes to the Caprivi to develop the area and its people. All we hear is that development in Oshakati and the surrounding areas is sky rocketing; for example the newly built hospital, a hospital compared to none of its kind in the entire SADC region.

For some time now, Caprivians have been fighting for their freedom and independence from Namibia. All their efforts to free themselves seem to have reached deaf ears of the SWAPO regime in Namibia. We are our own liberators, and thus nothing will come to us on a silver platter. Every planned action in this world has phases that needs to be revisited nearly every time to check whether one is going in the right direction or not.

Many Caprivians were arrested and detained in the Namibian prisons since 1999 to date, deprived of their right to determine their destiny. They have been kept in prisons whose condition is worse that they have been fed with cement and waste matter. Many have succumbed to death under such severe and harsh conditions. Those who are still imprisoned are barely surviving as they are denied their right to a fair trial. Their case has been postponed on numerous occasions for at least twelve years now and nothing serious seem to happen on the government table to solve the Caprivi Case.

There comes a time in life and in every situation when people linger to ask themselves questions as to how should they come out of such a problem. Now is that time when every Caprivian has to reflect back and ask oneself a question or two as to what have you done for your country, the Caprivi. Are you doing yourself a favor as a minister by not advocating that which really matter about your community and the country you love?

As a scholar or academician what have you done as a contribution to the Caprivi liberation? As a youth what have you done to uplift your standard of living in your country? As parents what contribution have you made to liberate yourself from the yoke of the Ovambo colonization? As politicians in the Caprivi what is your contribution in the struggle to liberate your motherland? To all Caprivians, Caprivi needs to be free and your contribution, big or small, matters. Fear will not liberate you but deprive you of your fundamental rights to free yourselves. If one did it, so every one can do it and the Caprivi will be a better place to live in after its independence. Let us come to terms with reality and confront the situation with pride and determination to be a free nation and people.

All our fundamental rights have been trampled on by the SWAPO government of Namibia. Self determination and independence is not a special advantage but a fundamental right to the people who seek it. There are many ways people can demand their freedom and the ball is in your hands to act and achieve your destiny. Now is the right time to play your part to liberate yourself from the Ovambo colonial occupation.

UDP Bulela Sicaba Sa Utwa

Chrispin Mutoiwa

UDP Secretary for Information


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