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New Year Message, January 2011
December 31, 2010
New Year Message, January 2011

It is that time of the year when Caprivians from all walks of life should come together commemorating and reflecting on issues undertaken throughout the previous year. The year 2010 was described as a year of awakening. Awakening in a sense that, all of us should retrospectively look back, correct, and make amend, if need be, in order to meet the demands of our long walk to freedom. Our goal has always been and still remains that of being a free nation and people. We have come a long way and many needs to be done to reach our destiny. Struggle is the key word that correctly describes our situation, and I believe every Caprivian knows and explicitly comprehends the stakes in this undertaking. But like all other struggles, our day and time is striking closer to an end, and I say one day we shall all rejoice in an independent and free Caprivi.

For now the road to independence is bumpy, but rest be assured that like many others, Caprivi and its people shall one day be free. Never loose hope inspite disturbing issues where the Namibian government is pulling the country to a totalitarian and one Party State, a situation that will not affect us once we become independent. I must admit though, that it is not always going to be easy, but with commitment and endurance we shall sail through. From 1998 to date marks our twelfth year in exile fighting to liberate the Caprivi from the forced occupation by the Namibian SWAPO regime. Many of our friends and family members have lost their lives through torture, war, and diseases, etc. Others could not be accounted for as they perished without trace through brute force of the Namibian regime.

A disturbing case is that of late Tungulu and Shadrick Chainda. The two CLA combatants were brutally shot and killed by the Namibian forces after August 2, 1999. They each died of more than hundred gun woods and had their throats slit by Captain Henry Mwilima and his troops in front of their children and family members. After killing them they forced their wives to sit on their blood corpses while taking the corpses to the Caprivi General Hospital mortuary. The Namibian government after realizing that the manner in which the two bodies were killed constituted murder they then disposed them in the unkown graves. The bodies were mutilated beyond recognition such that we do not know whether we are dealing with cannibals. It could be that they ate those two bodies that is why they missed from the Caprivi General Hospital mortuary. We therefore hold the Namibian authority accountable for such brutal killings and appeal to the international community, UN Commission on Human Rights, and other organizations to investigate and bring to task whoever was responsible.

We believe and think what befell your friend, brother, father, son, and relative was also there to take your life too. We should live together or die together. These sons of the soil will always have their special place in the history of heroes and heroines in the Caprivi. From the sixties to date our mission, aim, objective, and goal has always been similar. We once joined hands with dishonorable people in a marriage that has cost us dearly. Our fauna and flora has been plundered, our people have been forced to turn against each other. This situation must not be tolerated, but rejected as in the Caprivi we are one family who are very much related to one another.

The SWAPO government is a government of criminals and crooks. All they care about is their pockets and feels nothing whether or not the nation suffers. I am aware that SWAPO still continues to abduct people in the middle of the night, torturing them in a way of trying to extract information about our plans and activities in the country. They still want to force people of the Caprivi to testify against their own fathers, sons, brothers and relatives. What they forget to understand is that even in a jungle court, information extracted through torture cannot and should not be allowed to be used in court.

Caprivians from the sixties have been fighting to liberate their country and never wavered as others once stated. What we fought for then was the forced occupation of the apartheid regime of South Africa which ended in 1989. The same situation never changed cause but continued and turned to be worse with the SWAPO government as they revived their hatred towards Caprivians which started in exile. Secondly, it is common knowledge that learning from a mentor, one can become better than his teacher. In simple terms, SWAPO learnt well about the system of communism and apartheid which they now perfectly demonstrate on both Caprivians and the Namibian nation.

The United Democratic Party (UDP) believes that too much power in the hands of a few corrupts absolutely. Forced occupation should not be tolerated in toady’s world. Every nation with problems like ours deserves the right to self determination that leads to the total independence. Namibia should not impose themselves on the Caprivian population, we do not need you to govern us at all, but want to determine our affairs as we see fit. You have your country, and we have our territory that we love so dearly. So, let go of us.

This brings me to the Caprivi Case; it is only the mafia government of criminals and crooks that has the structure and system like the one in Namibia today. They want to hold on to power even if the nation wants the rule of law and democracy. As for the Caprivi, I say it is considered honorable to leave the Caprivi now when you have not caused many problems. Ignoring the problem will not make the case go away but exacerbate it even further. The Caprivi Case needs a political solution, and the ball is now in your hands to create a platform where Caprivians should be asked whether or not they want to become Namibians. Caprivians are ready and determined to prove to the world through a referendum that they are not Namibians and want nothing to do with your dirty politics. It should register well through your minds that whether you like it or not Caprivi is destined to be independent, and free it will.

Forward Ever, Backward Never!!!!

Mishake Muyongo

President, United Democratic Party (UDP)


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