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September 5, 2010

In response to the article “former Caprivi Parliament on the hammer”, that featured in the Caprivi Vision newspaper of August 2010. It looks like the Katima Mulilo Town Council comprising of six or seven counselors not directly elected by the people of the Caprivi, their Chief executive, and the SWAPO government of Namibia took it upon themselves to decide on what the whole Caprivian nation want in terms of development. We learnt with dismay that the iconic building, the Caprivi Legislative Assembly (LA) and the Ngwezi Community halls were out for grabs, in other words sold to a business man in Katima mulilo, Caprivi.

It is our concern as Caprivian nationals and party that people of the Caprivi, Mafwe, Masubia, Mayeyi, Matotela, Mambukushu, Makwengo, etc, should come together as a nation and fight to reverse this calculated move by the SWAPO led government. We have educated people and visionaries in the Caprivi, people who should not allow SWAPO to destroy our history which is our heritage. From 1990 to date the SWAPO government inherited many things including buildings like the State House. These structures were not demolished or sold but are used as ministerial offices, etc.

SWAPO after realizing that Caprivian history has iconic buildings attached to it, found it convenient to totally destroy them, a calculated move to once and for all burry our history. They know as well as we do that, Caprivi was not part of Namibia, and is not going to be part of Namibia for as long as we (the people of the Caprivi) do not allow them. Development does not come to the people without their consent. We need not to be dictated too, like ignorant people, for development to be dumped on our heads without proper communication as to what we exactly want. There are many areas where the so called KFC and other businesses could be erected, and the question is why the Caprivi Legislative Assembly building or site? The only logical explanation to why SWAPO did that is to kill the idea of an independent Caprivi, and that the next generation should not have anything concrete to point at as proof that Caprivi is an entity on its own.

This issue is not only disturbing, nor is it a concern for the UDP alone, but it touches on the lives of all Caprivians. These buildings are pillars that bring us together as laws that were reached upon in there, directly or indirectly affected all of us as Caprivians. These buildings could be easily turned into museums for the future generation to learn about their history and heritage. The community hall serves a great purpose, as people use it as an entertainment place, as a church, as a place to engage with community to discuss issues affecting their lives, and where the council itself could convene meetings asking the consent of the people pertaining to legislation reached upon in parliament , etc. This in turn could bring money to the council. It is really painful to wake up and realize that the only community hall in the Caprivi was sold not even to a Caprivian, but a foreigner. You see, not only are we going to loose entertainments in the Caprivi, but the entire community and Caprivian society are denied the right to entertain themselves.

The regional council should not be so quite in this matter, but have the power to reverse the decision if they were not consulted. Is it that you fear the unknown as in SWAPO “no one should ask questions” as you would be referred too as unpatriotic and traitor. The Legislative Hall was built for the entire Caprivian Parliamentarians and not for the Katima Mulilo Council. Why do they seem to have an upper hand on the (LA) hall instead of you guys? Have you heard of any historic building in Namibia sold to anyone? If at all there is a need to develop, why not erecting a new building on a new site that does not bring controversy? Why is this happening only in the Caprivi? I think we should focus and ask ourselves questions as to what exactly this SWAPO government wants to do in the Caprivi.

It is high time that we should be silenced even in matters that affects our lives directly, and can be reversed. We should stand up and show the world what Namibia has become and what is doing to the people of the Caprivi. SWAPO government should not destroy buildings in order to develop. This is a clear indication that they do not want us developed but destroyed so that we won’t have anything left to call as our own heritage. Leave what you found in the Caprivi and bring in new development that the people of the Caprivi so desperately need.

As for the Katima Mulilo council, no wonder why this is happening, Mr. Mudaveti once mentioned in the Caprivi Vision newspaper, and I quote” I am not a Caprivian, I am a Namibian”. This was quoted from an article,”wife of Simbwae needs her benefits”. People of such caliber, have big heads thinking and putting their own interests above and ahead of those of all Caprivian nations’ interest. In cases like this, Mr. Mudaveiti and his council was supposed to consult the masses and see whether or not they could buy his and his principal’s idea of selling those assets. If this is true, let me sound a warning to you. Stop plundering Caprivian assets and resources as the bona fide Caprivians and their ancestors will need them.

If you guys are ill-paid, it does not give you the right to sell buildings in order to compensate for your salaries. Think hard and find other areas where you could accrue money. If your government does not allocate development money to your council, we believe that you have the right to question them and not to dispose what was already put in place by our former colonizers; after all you purport to be SWAPO members. It is a known fact that a person who sells his belongings will never get rich. If your labor in the council is not equitable to your salaries, you have the option of quitting the job entirely. It is also shameful to have such unscrupulous members of the town council continue serving the Katima Mulilo populace, and the ball is in your hands countrymen, to decide whether to keep them or remove them from public office. Our hope is that you fully understand what SWAPO and your incumbent town counselors will do to your town if left in office for long.

In the same manner, the SWAPO government should stop depriving the people of the Caprivi the right to decide the type of development appropriate to the region. Reverse the selling of the Legislative Assembly and Community Hall in the Caprivi, as these represents our heritage and history, and find another place for the anticipated development. We see through your open plans, aims and objectives regarding the Caprivi and please, Caprivians have done nothing wrong to deserve your treatment(s). SWAPO of Namibia must stop destroying Caprivian properties or assets. They were planned and built by the South African colonial/apartheid regime. They belong to the Caprivi and not for Namibia to sell. Our history in the Caprivi was and is this that land and all assets on it was leased and not sold to anyone. You seem to follow the foot steps of other colonizers who extracted even the tarred road from countries they colonized. A good example was that of Guinea. You never brought development in the Caprivi and so, you need to leave Caprivian assets alone for Caprivians to use now and in future.

Namibia, your cruelty towards the people of the Caprivi, their fauna and flora, and their assets is not only pathetic, but destructive in nature as you detained, tortured, and killed them even in custody. Now you have turned to their assets that you are selling to foreigners without their consent. The assets you chose to sell have the Caprivian history attached to them. Being black you were supposed to preserve the little development Caprivians had inherited from the white apartheid regime as you have done to all others that you have in Namibia. Selling buildings is not development but plundering or destruction of the Caprivian resources. It is never too late to reverse your decision for selling the Community and Legislative halls.


Chrispin Mutoiwa

UDP Secretary for Information


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