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August 3, 2010

A proud mother for her children, Caprivi mourns for her dead across the sea. Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit, fallen in the cause of the free. On this day every year, Caprivians from all walks of life should come together to mourn the deaths of their fallen heroes and heroines. It is a day set in motion for all of us to remember our beloved brothers and countrymen who relentlessly fought to free the Caprivian nation. We mourn Caprivians who fought so that we may have freedom. We should remember them for their brevity and determination. They were and are warriors who fought and gave their lives so that you, their families and I donít have to. They want their country Caprivi independent. They gave their lives in the cause of a struggle, so that Caprivians may enjoy freedom. They fought for our country, and our country unites to mourn them.

To the direct families of the fallen, we say nothing said hear will ease your pain and sufferings. Your country is thinking and embraces the terrible loss (s) you have suffered. We hope you find courage and comfort in knowing that your loved one rest in a place even more peaceful. The internal gratitude of the people of the Caprivi goes to all who uses this day to light the candle for the next generation to remember the Caprivian struggle for freedom. They have done the greatest sacrifices possible and we still have a long way to go.

The challenges and prejudices Caprivians at home face continue on a daily basis. Many are being detained, and continue to be detained and killed in the Caprivi and in the Namibian prisons. Interrogations have become the daily dinner where the police force to extract information from innocent Caprivians. To talk about amnesty, is a misplaced statement. It is misplaced in a sense that Caprivians in the Namibian prison (s) do not want amnesty but freedom from the colonial oppression of the Namibian SWAPO regime. Caprivians at home do not want amnesty. Caprivians in exile do not want amnesty. Worse still, the issue of pardoning Caprivian prisoners does not sit well in the political case of Caprivians. Caprivians have done nothing wrong to Namibia. One can only be pardoned if found guilty by a competent court of justice. The courts in Namibia had declared that the evidence leveled against them were inadmissible in court, and that the supreme court in Namibia threw away the governmentís appeal is evidence enough to prove that they are innocent.

A guilty person is the one that needs pardon. What crime have Namibia identified on Caprivians? What crime have Caprivians committed? If a crime, all leaders in the world including Namibians have committed that crime? They were classified in the category of being terrorists but when time came they formed governments in their sovereign countries. The former President of South Africa Mr. Mandela spent twenty seven years behind bars. Toivo ya Toivo, Ben Ulenga, and many others had their chances in prison, but because they had no crime committed against the apartheid regime, they were freed at last. Caprivians are not criminals but political prisoners and need to be treated as such. They are political prisoners whose justice is on the political table to resolve their political problem.

It is great to see that Christian pastors in the Caprivi stand up for what they believe should be done to their families and church members in the Namibian prison. As Christian community, Caprivian freedom fighters alike depend on your persistent knock on the doors of the international community to finding a lasting solution to the Caprivi case. If the church is blocked from speaking for or against a particular candidate, then the rest of the nation should be blocked, as well! Issues of the world should be allowed as discussion anywhere and anytime.

History teaches that wars begin when governments believe the price of aggression is cheap. For eleven years Caprivians have been languishing in the Namibian prisons. The SWAPO government, with the aim of punishing Caprivians, seems to enjoy putting them in prison indefinitely while depriving those at home with development and the freedom to exercise their right to self determination leading to total independence of their motherland. It is because of this reason that we say enough is enough. Caprivians are peace loving people, but if stretched long will always defend themselves in anyway possible. This is the time for all Caprivians to say it is enough and we want our country back and free from Namibia. Namibia should use political protocols like a UN organized referendum to challenge Caprivians in their quest for freedom. You must not rule the Caprivi and its people by force but seek legitimacy by asking them if they want to or not. Caprivians are not Namibians, we are a nation and as a people we demand for our freedom and independence.

Forward ever, Backward never!!!!

Mishake Muyongo


United Democratic Party (UDP)

Source: The United Democratic Party (UDP)-

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