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May 17, 2010
In our previous reports we had indicated that Caprivi is a Territory that begins from Mukuvi in the west to Impalila in the East, from Sangwali in the South to Katima Mulilo in the North. It is surrounded by natural rivers like the might Zambezi, Chobe, Kwandu, and Kavango. It shares borders with Botswana, Namibia, Angola, and Zambia. Some may say it shares a border with Zimbabwe, but we say only its waters touches with that of Zimbabwe. Caprivi has a population of over 210.000, fertile land for agriculture, and minerals like diamond, etc. This part of the world has tested autonomy from the seventies until 1990. We want everyone to know that Caprivians are a nation seeking independence from Namibia. We are colonized, oppressed and suppressed by the SWAPO regime against our own will, and time is now for every Caprivian to stand up and fight for your motherland.

You see countrymen, colonialism and oppression does not know borders and ethnic origin but is exercised upon all Caprivians Mafwe, Masubia, Mayeyi, Mambukushu, Matotela, Makwengo, etc. The similar tactic of divide and rule that was used by the Apartheid regime is the one that the Namibian regime has perfected and use upon us. We should be aware that the devil is among us. United we stand and divided we fall. A united house will not allow or open for the devil to destroy them but will guard against all forms of evil perpetrated on them by outsiders. SWAPO’s aim during the struggle and now is to fuel or engineer hatred among Caprivians to an extent that we must fight one another. You know what, when we dead they will come and take our land that we love so much. Today we hear of Western Caprivi being incorporated into Kavango, and that Caprivi should be a sub-region of Kavango. This is pathetically bad and it shows clearly their long aim and intention of taking the Caprivian land from Caprivians.

We once mentioned that land is not for grabs in the Caprivi, it belongs to the people. Throughout our history we never had bigger problems of such magnitude that people go to an extent of going to war with each other. In the war there are casualties, and know this Caprivians, when you will be dead and no more there the SWAPO government will come and take your places by resettling their own people in your areas, something we do not want to happen at any cost. We have structures in place from the village headman; district Induna, to the main khuta. If we can trace our history we will find that we have a repetition of approaching the relevant authorities in any particular area requesting for land for any purposes and in most cases we end up being given such places. Let us not allow people with little minds to derail and disintegrate us but focus and work hard to eliminate the enemy. It is common knowledge that SWAPO is behind all these problems. It is also a known fact that Caprivians despite some differences which is healthy and normal in many communities are not enemies to one another but brothers and sisters, nephews and cousins, mothers and fathers and the line goes on and on. It is not considered ignorant to use proper channels that exist in the Caprivi for acquiring land from the other traditional authority. This should be the modus operandi in the Caprivi. We are aware that SWAPO brought guns to eliminate people in the Caprivi. You know what, should anything happen to the people of Caprivi the world will hold you responsible for whoever will turn victim to your open plans.

It is time we should do away with creating trouble and problems at each other and redirect our anger and frustration to the neo-colonialism of the SWAPO regime. They are the ones who are not honorable and create these sufferings of poverty that breeds all forms of evil. They claim to be democratic and yet they sit behind the steering wheel engineering civil strifes among Caprivians and we seem to dance to their tune. During elections instead of showing them that SWAPO is not for Caprivians, we still vote for them. We know that they are in power and control nearly everything in the country, but the power of the ballot paper can change things for the better. Let us tour Namibia for a moment and what we see is development all over except in the Caprivi. They want us to fight each other and they stay on the side laughing while concentrating on developing their country. From 1990 they realized that should they leave Caprivians with their town money Katina Mulilo would develop into a big town which in reality could create jobs for many people. They quickly came up with the law to force the Town Council to be sending money to central government, which turned Caprivians into beggers in their own country. This is not semantics but direct talk and analysis. These are the issues that we seriously need to discuss and find lasting solutions for them.

We should mention here that we are appreciative of the fact that people are starting to understand that the struggle to free the Caprivi is of paramount importance to all Caprivians. Fighting our enemy to liberate the Caprivi is a cause many people lost their lives for and many are still imprisoned for. Together we can move mountains or if we can’t we can make the mountain hear our plight and cry for freedom. The world is listening. The CANU/UDP struggle is all about land, Caprivians are fighting for land not to be taken by the foreign oppression of Namibia. We shall not rest until it is back in our rightful hands. The people of the Caprivi including their khuta(s) must know that they will get nothing from the SWAPO government. You should stand on your two feet to fight for your country. Always think about your children and their children’s children. The next generation will blame us if we do not prepare for them when we still can.

Banning the UDP from politicking in the Caprivi was the tactic used by the South African Apartheid Regime to both the ANC and SWAPO, but because they knew what they wanted, today they are governments in their own sovereign countries. Come out of your hibernations, spearhead and join the masses talking about your rights to self determination leading to total independence of your motherland. Laws exist in the country for people to use to make their case heard. We are our own liberators. The United Democratic Party (UDP) will prove that greatness is not to be measured in stock piles of atom bombs. We believe strongly and sincerely that with the deep-rooted wisdom and dignity, the innate respect for human lives, the intense humanity that is our heritage, Caprivi will emerge not as just another country to flaunt its strength, but as a Great Power whose greatness is indestructible because it will be built not on fear, envy and suspicion, nor won at the expense of others, but founded on hope, trust, friendship and directed to the good of all the inhabitants in the Caprivi. This is our belief in the United Democratic Party and the hope and belief of all caprivians.

SWAPO did not deliver in the Caprivi, and to be honest it is good at creating anarchy and destruction, it is good at destabilizing the peace and stability Caprivians enjoyed all the years in the past. If we could for a moment go back to the nineties. Peaceful demonstrations took place in the Caprivi which paralyzed the businesses in the Caprivi. The Namibian government set up commissions whose reports were kept secret and were never publicized to date. You know, sometimes solving problems comes through openness on the part of the government and not taking sides to either party in the conflict. The other thing is pilling cases without solutions to issues creates more harm than good. For two decades past the United Democratic Party have been watching the Namibian government and without doubt we know that SWAPO will do nothing for the people of the Caprivi other than exploit the Caprivian human and natural resources. Know this Namibia, Caprivians are not expendable; we are a people with a vision to see through your distractive aims over our country and its people. It is time you realize that Caprivians want their country back. Most people sometimes say a contract is not for sale, and we say the merger between Caprivians under CANU and the people of South West Africa (Namibia) under SWAPO must be honored once and for all and people should concentrate on developing their countries.

The road to solving the Caprivi Case is open and clear and you need not be told what to do but your prompt action to solving the Caprivi Case will not only help Caprivians but the SADC region, and Namibia in particular as your tarnished repetitions can once more be restored. All Caprivians and the UDP want and need at the moment is for you the SWAPO government to take a step or two to call for negotiations, sit around the table with Caprivians and find a lasting solution to the Caprivi Case. Your forced occupation in the Caprivi is illegal as you only promulgated a law to extend your sovereignty to the Caprivi without their consent in 1999. No wonder there is no development because you do not care at all as Caprivi is not part of Namibia.

Lastly, we appeal to the South African government, the Botswana government, the Zambian government, the United Nations and all the people of international understanding(s) to intervene, help look and mediate into the Caprivi Case. The people of the Caprivi have suffered enough, as many have been imprisoned in Namibia for a decade now and many have lost their lives. Those imprisoned are fathers whose families need support from them. Disrupting that cycle not only impacts on their families but also the entire Caprivian Nation. They have done nothing wrong in Namibia, but want self determination leading to independence. They want their freedom to support their families and the Caprivi. We want the world and SWAPO to know that the United Democratic Party (UDP) and its wing the Caprivi Liberation Army (CLA) are not rebels but freedom fighters fighting for the total liberation of the Caprivi. We did not rebel against the Namibian government as we not fighting to overthrow the government of the day in Namibia. Caprivi and Namibia are two countries parallel to one another. Caprivians from the 60s to date were and are fighting to liberate their country first from the Apartheid Regime of South Africa and now from their former comrades in arms, the SWAPO and government of Namibia.


Chrispin Mutoiwa
UDP Secretary for Information


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