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Respond on the UDP Call for talks
April 15, 2010
Today 2010-04-15

Respond on the UDP Call for talks

National United Party (N.U.P) President: Mr.Fred WalukaDear Editor, Allow me to share my views with the people of Caprivi in response to the recent article appeared in the Caprivi Vision Newspaper of March - April 2010 Vol 7. No 5, Indeed the call for talks with the Namibian Government is a good idea. However, I feel it is not going to be possible for UDP to go round table talks alone without involving other parties that are inside Caprivi.

The internal registered political party such as NDP and Caprivi Church Forum are the one who can mostly facilitate these talks including political parties like CANU that affiliated to SWAPO PARTY and NUP affiliated to the DTA.

Those mentioned if they could come open and show interest in these talks and the independence of Caprivi, Hopefully the Government would definitely understand their views without violence. These parties should request for a referendum where people should view their concerns by votes whether to be independent or not. This could be a choice of the people of Caprivi themselves. This does not matter even the Namibian Government could do it. It does not need foreign diplomacy. People would definitely come up with their needs and aspiration.

The independence of Namibia did not come up only with SWAPO no, but also with the internal political parties that came together and talked to South African Government by then to have talks and accept the total independence of Namibia. That is how Resolution 435 came into existence. Therefore, without those internal parties, SWAPO would have been still dancing to heavy sounds of guns in the bush.

Thank God, that DTA with its multi-party realised the importance of humanity and the rights of the people. Therefore, Mr. Chrispin Mutoiwa should not think that Caprivi would be a democratic country like any others. Therefore, internal parties here have accepted your views over Caprivi be proud of your country or Region.
In conclusions remember one day this Region will be a country just like Zanzibar an Island today which was under Tanzania. I would like to urge the Regional Government please, Donít return the budget for Caprivi If you do not know how you can use it, kindly request the opposition parties in the Region.
Look today, DTA used to talk in parliament about the pensionersí increments of a monthly grant from N$250 to N$500 and the Government has done exactly what the DTA had requested all these years.

We can still figure out again, DTA tabled the motion of Transport of the Traditional Leaders, the Government did it and all Chiefs are having cars in their Khutas Country wide and later they scored more votes over the DTA motion.

Today people do not appreciate those who brought the idea but they only please the implementers.
Looking forward to the success of the opposition parties during the November Regional and Local Authority Elections.

National United Party (N.U.P)
President: Fred Waluka
Tel: +264 814306639
Katima Mulilo



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